Drama as CCC members abandon demo after Zanu PF activists confronted them


CCC members in the United Kingdom had to abandon a demonstration at the Zimbabwean Embassy on July 8 after Zanu PF members confronted them with the truth against the lies that formed the basis of their ill-fated protest.

The CCC members disguised as human rights activists ended up leaving the venue after Zanu PF members challenged them on the lies about human rights abuses they were peddling.

The CCC members were led by fake civil rights activist Patricia Chinyoka and were all dressed in yellow, and they were exposed when the truth about Zimbabwe was spoken.

They were seeking to convince the UK government not to invest in Zimbabwe.

It was not CCC’s first such protest. They started protesting way back in 2005, singing and dancing outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.

In most cases, they requested the West to slap and heap more sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Just as Zimbabwe’s well-located and iconic embassy served as the focal point of CCC and some few evil minded people, it is also a rich target for protests and demonstrations from those who have always wished to demonise Zimbabwe and please their handlers.

Chinyoka has been paid thousands of pounds to portray Zimbabwe in a bad shape.

She has been heard making wild accusations that the Zimbabwean government is killing her relatives back home and she urged the British government to sanction the country regardless of the effects of the sanctions on the people of Zimbabwe.

The protests usually serve as an outlet for expats, exiles and refugees who want to express fake anger against their country to avoid being returned home.

This then has made Chinyoka to demonise her country because she has no hope of going back to Zimbabwe.

She now wants to spoil it for everybody.

Over the years, the Zimbabwean Embassy in London has been a focal point for exaggeration by opposition activists, where greedy selfish Zimbabweans gather to take turns to protest against their country to please their handlers.

Zimbabwe should be used to the protests by now, but it is the idea that someone who is clueless about the country is being paid to destroy it which makes every right-minded Zimbabwean to get angry.

Members of the CCC and the fake human rights activists routinely camped out in a small square directly across Zimbabwe House on The Strand to denounce the government of Zimbabwe.

The protestors are known to make up lies about the security of their families back home in order to get asylum.

The protests have also provided the British with a focal point for expressing national outrage or concern on nationals who abuse their rights just to get a mileage against their own country.

It is in doubt if the protests are accomplishing anything, considering how the one on July 8 was aborted.

The most disheartening thing is that their demonstrations outside the embassy have helped to place Zimbabwe under sanctions.

Chinyoka has shown her shameless love for money by insulting Zimbabwe for a fee.

It is a pity that we have Zimbabweans who do not care what happens to the masses back home as long as they are getting paid.

They lie just to please their handlers. They are making more money from selling their birthright.

— Masimba Mavaza

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