Zimbabwean prophets blasted after failing to predict Mugabe’s downfall


SEVERAL prophets and Pentecostal pastors who gathered for the historical Super Sunday have been exposed after failing to correctly predict the coming events.

All the prophets who stepped on the podium trumped up support for Grace Mugabe to be one of the country’s leaders yet the opposite was true.

Dubbed the Super Sunday, the function was set to trump up support for Mai Mugabe to presidium while denigrating Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Bishop Johannes Ndanga the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) president who called himself life president of the council, declared that former president Robert Mugabe will be life president. He is however not new to succession fights.

Zimbabwe Amalgamated Churches Council patron Jimayi Muduvuri says declarations made at the Super Sunday were wrong and ungodly.

Muduvuri said people should stop making such declarations without God’s word.

“God doesn’t want such declarations. They were made without consultation with God and the Holy Spirit. If you notice the things that happened at the Super Sunday, God was not happy and His hand was seen in the events that followed. Zviroto zviya zvaitaurwa, hazvidiwi naMwari and vakazviratidza,” he said.

“All the churches, Vapostori, Zion, Zviratidzo, Masowe, Pentecostal, this is what we have been praying for. A new beginning in the land of Canaan. What we prayed for is the swearing in of ED Mnangagwa,” Muduvuri added.

Musician and politician Energy Mutodi said Johannes Ndanga and his team have shamed themselves.

“Ndanga and his team must be ashamed of themselves.

“He demonstrated that he is an id**t of the highest degree. I heard him saying he wanted to take the then First Lady Grace Mugabe to Masvingo and then to Midlands. He wanted to enhance state capture by the G40 while abusing the good gospel of Jesus Christ.

“There are many pressing issues that he could have concentrated on to help churches instead of trying to endear counter-revolutionaries with the people,” Mutodi said.

Another commentator Collen Majoka who spoke to this publication said it was worrying that all those numbers who attended had fooled Amai Grace Mugabe yet they had some spiritual powers to see beyond.

The occurrence has been a hit on social media with many questioning the ability of the so called men of ‘God’.

“What happened on the Super Sunday makes people lose confidence in churches. Churches should be symbols of purity and the men of God should be trusted but what happened on the Super Sunday makes one doubt the credibility of the so-called men of God,” said Majoka.

Douglas Mandaza of Nesimba RaMwari Apostolic sect who was part of the congregation said as men of ‘God’ they are called to pray at different functions dodging the question of the prowess of their spiritual powers.

“As men of ‘God’ we are supposed to submit to those in authority for that particular time.”

Asked whether any of them had not prophesied the end of Mai Mugabe’s ambitions, he said there could be some who felt it in their hearts.

“The platform was not meant for everyone so some could have failed to prophesy yet they saw it,” said Mandaza.

Popular Madzibaba Rami of Johanne Masowe YeChishanu yeSinai sent his emissary who almost fell into trance showering praises for Amai Mugabe. She even suggested that she saw her ruling the country.

Another popular madzibaba Israel of Johanne Masowe YeChishanu who operates near Coca Cola along Cripps Road where several big fish worship also failed to spot what lay ahead as he showered praises for Mai Mugabe in the political arena.

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