Prophet Magaya's anointing oil hits black market


DESPERATE unemployed Zimbabwean youths are cashing in on the anointing oil from Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries' as they sell it on the black market due to a surge in demand.

PHD Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya's anointing oil seems to have "softened" the hearts of many people across the continent despite their different beliefs, religions and social standing.

Magaya, who says that his spiritual father is the popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua, confirmed the development on his television station Yadah TV where he discouraged people from buying 'his' anointing oil from the black market, saying the oil on streets will not perform miracles, it works, because what is important is the name behind it, not just the oil on itself.

Instead he has encouraged his followers and members of the public to 'collect' the anointing oil for free direct from his PHD Ministries headquartered in the capital.

Senior church officials said the anointing oil is capable of unlocking all the doors of impossibilities in one's life.

"Anointing oil is a physical symbolism of God's healing and deliverance power. It is a point of contact in spiritual warfare and is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It protects from deadly dangers and traps, and it does the cleansing and purification. The anointing oil destroys or breaks the bondage, burden and oppression caused by the devil and hence and breaks all the yokes the devil is using to steal the promise God made to us, that of having dominion over earth and being seated in the heavenly places.

"In PHD Ministries, the anointing oil is one of the major anointed mantles of the Ministry that has brought thousands of testimonies," they said adding anointing oil is used to heal, sanctify, impart and provoke divine intervention.

"One needs to thank God for His goodness and grace all the time before using the anointing oil. Then one needs to apply the oil on all affected parts of the body, for instance your forehead, head and eyes among others. You can also apply it on any affected parts of your life for example documents, business wares among many others," they said.

In a country with unemployment rate of over 70 percent — desperate youths are trading in anointing oil as they are also 'selling' prime seats in big congregations of PHD Ministries.

Enterprising youths routinely arrive at the church early and grab a number of prime seats near the prophet's podium which they later 'sell' to members of the public who desperately need prophet's attention during the course of the church service.

At one of his church services aired on Yadah TV, Magaya exposed and "delivered" a lady who used to "sell" seats in his church.

Of late, PHD Ministries has seen a surge in numbers as thousands of Zimbabweans are flocking to  their church seeking a breakthrough or deliverance in life.

A couple of months ago, Magaya confirmed to the Weekend Post that his ministry was experiencing tremendous growth in terms of numbers of worshippers as it draws people from all walks of life, ranging from gardeners to Cabinet ministers. He says plans to build a mega church are under way.  "We are going to construct a church which is going to be one of the biggest in the region and we shall do it in stages.

"Our prayer is to make sure at least 200,000 people can seat safely inside and more than 100,000 people outside," he said.

He said the church is facing challenges in accommodating all its members at the current stand in Waterfalls popularly known as paZindoga.

"More than 50,000 people attend our church services on every church day, and on events like big Sundays, the number tends to swell to over 100 000 and the church has to accommodate them all," he said.

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