TLOF TLOF: Drama as court slams greedy man for using his wives to get quick buck from zvikomba

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A NYANGA man stands accused of engaging in a get-rich-quick scheme in which he demands compensation from his wives’ alleged lovers.

This emerged after Moses Dzindowa of Madzivanzira Village under Chief Tangwena approached Acting Chief Saunyama’s court claiming compensation of seven beasts from his wife’s alleged lover, Farai Mpofu.

Dzindowa said Mpofu tried to lead his wife, Nyasha Dzindowa, astray.

However, things did not go as planned as Dzindowa got a tongue lashing from Acting Chief Saunyama for his greediness and using his wives to get a quick buck.

This was after it was revealed that this was not the first time Dzindowa had claimed his wife was cheating on him.

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It was also not his first time to approach traditional courts to make hefty demands from his wife’s alleged lover.

My ex-wife also cheated on me with traditional leaders in my area. When I approached the village head and the headman with the intention of getting their assistance in claiming damages from her lover, I was not pleased with the way they handled the matter.

“My ex-wife eloped with the man and I never saw her again. They are now staying in Honde Valley and I never got anything from that man.

“My new wife’s lover needs to compensate me before he also goes into hiding. This is why I brought this matter before Chief Saunyama’s court,” said Dzindowa.

He claimed that the men in his village are well-known marriage wreckers.

“I work in Chirimanyimo Village while my wife stays in Madzivanzira Village. On the night in question, my wife was with her friends in our shop when Mpofu came and tried to lure her outside. When my wife came out, he ran away.

“My nephew gave chase and also set his dogs on Mpofu. He caught up with Mpofu and he confessed that he was cheating with my wife. Mpofu also told my nephew that the shop was their love nest.

“However, my wife insists that she was not having an affair with this man and I trust her. She told me that he was only prop0sing l0ve to her and I take her word for it. I will not send her packing but I want Mpofu to hand over seven beasts to me for trying to wreck my marriage,” said Dzindowa.

Testifying before Acting Chief Saunyama’s court, Dzindowa’s nephew, Joshua Teketse said Mpofu showed him messages sent between him and Dzindowa’s wife.

“The messages proved that the two were in love. She was flirting with him and if the phone she was using had a camera she would have sent him her nud_e pictures.

“When I checked her (Nyasha)’s phone, she had deleted all the messages and I concluded that she really was having an affair with Mpofu.

“Unfortunately my uncle does not have any tangible evidence to nail this man. All he is now concerned about is getting the seven cattle,” said Teketse.

In her defence, Nyasha said when Mpofu first contacted her, she thought it was a wrong number.

“We flirted, yes, but only because I thought he had dialled the wrong number. The messages just kept me company while my husband was away at work. I was not in any relationship with Mpofu.

“I cleared all the messages from my phone because of the gadget’s low memory space,” said Nyasha.

Acting Chief Saunyama castigated Dzindowa for trying to benefit from his wives’ shenanigans.

“If this keeps happening, it will raise eyebrows. You cannot demand compensation from someone you are exonerating from sleeping with your wife.

“From your own words, you said the man was trying to lure your wife into a relationship. Your ex-wife left in the same way after cheating on you.

If this happens again, we will suspect that you are conniving with your wives to trap men,” said Acting Chief Saunyama.

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