My balls are now swollen: Shock as man reveals why doctor said he must mastur_bate regularly

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WEIRD or shocking, you decide!

A 26-year-old man from Nketa suburb in Bulawayo who is addicted to mastur_bating has opened up saying he does not only shake hands with the “milkman” for pleasure but for health benefits.

Christopher, who didn’t want his last name revealed, said he got addicted to mastur_bating after he went a long time without being s_3xually active, resulting in his tes_ticles swelling and becoming painful.

He said for him masturbati0n is no longer for pleasure but for health benefits. “I am now scared to let go of the addiction. It is my only remedy to release pain but then it is killing me from the inside too.

“My tes_ticles are now swollen and the doctor said I must mastur_bate regularly to release some sper_ms. I usually watch p0rn first then I mastur_bate” said Christopher.

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He said mastur_bating had become an important ritual in his everyday life and was afraid that it would turn into an unhealthy addiction.

“Mostly with the influence of p0rn0graphy, I’d be s_3xually too active for no reason,” he said.

According to online studies, in addition to providing pleasure, masturbati0n can benefit your health and well-being by helping you achieve better sleep, better mood, and stress relief, among other benefits. He said the problem started when he was doing his Advanced Level after the veins of his tes_ticles twisted.

He went to two doctors who recommended that he must have surgery or he would have tes_ticular failure whereby the tes_ticles cannot produce spe_rm or male h0rmones such as test0sterone.

“Before I had the surgery, my tes_ticles had relaxed the veins so I did not proceed with the surgery. So I have been having pains lately to the point of having severe headaches,” he said.

After he recently suffered pains, he went to the doctor again and he was told everything was normal. The doctor told him he only needs to find a way to release spe_rm through masturbati0n.

With swollen tes_ticles accompanied by pain, Christopher said he was given some pills by the doctor, to stop the pain.

— BMetro

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