‘Beggar’ DJ Towers under heavy fire over what he said about late mbinga Genius Ginimbi Kadungure


DJ TOWERS is claiming he was MISQUOTED when he ridiculed the late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

But, Ginimbi’s circle of friends, and relatives, are not buying his sound bite.

Socialite Mahwindo, whose real name is Wanisai Mutandwa, was a close relative of the Bling King.

She has described DJ Towers as a “CERTIFIED BEGGAR.”

DJ Towers is under fire for sensationally claiming Ginimbi, who was his close pal, dealt in dangerous drugs.

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He also claimed Ginimbi was reckless with his life.

Born Tawanda Marimbe, the entertainer, who once worked for Ginimbi, was also accused of being ungrateful.

Ginimbi died in a car crash on his way home, on November 8 2020, after partying with friends at his night club, Dreams.

For DJ Towers, he said it was a case of being misinterpreted by some sections of the media.

“Everything I said is there on my Instagram live feed and it was wrong for people to misquote me,” said DJ Towers.

“I was only saying a few things that many knew were true but had no balls to say it.”

However, Ginimbi’s former manager Ms Shally, and his sister Nelia Kadungure, who slammed DJ Towers for his statement, have received the support of the late businessman’s associates. Ginimbi’s inner circle have described the late businessman as a responsible man, adding that DJ Towers was way out of line.

The camp accused DJ Towers of being a TRAITOR, who was now biting the hand that once fed him.

“I am bitter with this boy, I am actually waiting to meet him face-to-face so that he explains why he had to go public on Ginimbi’s grave.

“Whether it’s true or not, why did he say it now, when the family was about to heal?

“The whole family and friends of the late Ginimbi did not take this lightly,” said Mahwindo.

Mahwindo described DJ Towers as a “certified” beggar who is now being used to settle scores.

“DJ Towers is just a failed beggar who is now singing according to the tune of his new bosses.

“He has lost relevance and now wants to meddle in the business of a dead man so that, maybe, they can return to limelight,” added Mahwindo.

— HMetro

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