BVUMA WACHEMBERA: Chimurenga music superhero Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo told to retire gracefully


THOMAS “MUKANYA” MAPFUMO’S fans are singing in the Chimurenga guru corner.

They are backing their man to the hilt and feel questions, which have been raised, after his poor show in Leicester, England, are unnecessary.

Some said just like Cristiano Ronaldo, who is still going strong at 37, Mukanya must keep soldiering on.

H-Metro correspondent, Freedom Nyanyiwa, who attended the show, gave a brutal analysis of Mukanya’s show.

He felt the time had come for the legend to call it quits and retire gracefully.

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“Age has finally caught up with Mukanya and that he must rest is no longer a necessity but a sobering reality. On a warm evening in Leicester, Mukanya looked spent on the backstage, even before he had graced the stage. One of his backing vocalists even went on stage with a shopping bag.

“The sound system didn’t help matters for the Chimurenga guru; so poor it was one would have mistakenly thought it was some passa passa riddim in the ghetto.

“The engineers appeared clueless to save the situation much to the chagrin of the short-tempered Mukanya.

“By the time he belted one of his yesteryear classics “Mai vangu varipi”, it was evident that the audience were only respecting him because of nostalgia and his brand.

“He was a beneficiary of a tolerant crowd that was more interested in seeing the man than enjoying his act. He actually benefited from a crowd that was hungry for Zimbabwean acts as they don’t have the privilege of such on a regular basis, on these foreign shores.

“His stage act lasted less than two hours and he was done for the night, leaving bemused revellers wondering if this was worth the pre-show hype.” Nyanyiwa said.

But, most of his fans still believe in their legend.

They said his poor show in Leicester was a result of a poor sound system, which marred his act.

They said Chimurenga music will never fade as long as the singer is still alive.

Among the respondents, who sided with Mukanya, was one Tendai Bhasvi, who claimed to be his mbira player.

“I play Mbira for Mukanya guys, he is very much still in it, for your own information.

“He is a perfectionist. We rehearsed for two days before the show and all was in order.

“The problem arose due to a passive PA system and clueless engineers, who refused to let a Zim engineer, who knows Mukanya music, do the work.

“At Ethena they no longer allow anyone to bring their PA system to be used on any gig.

“The promoter, Joab Mgugu, did his best and he has a good PA which was rejected by the host venue.

“Kukura hakunei nekuimba, kare kare Mbira dzairidzwa nevakwegura and ndovaiimba pama bira.

“Mukanya achiripo for now guys,” he said.

Below are some responses:

You might say age but he still remains our favourite living legend, Big Dhara Thomas ‘Hurricane Hugo’ Mukanya Mapfumo. – William Gunman Mahoko.


Chidzokai kumusha baba muzorore. – Trekers Bvindi


Waida kuti asvike riini achipisa nhaiwe. – Godfrey Mangandare


Long live Thomas Mapfumo. – Charity Muzavazi.


Hamude kuti munhu azorore here munonetsa kuda kufira pazvigaro. – Felisters Mazhura


CR7, also known as Ronaldo, is still playing football at the very top at the age of 37, so why should Mukanya call it quits? – READER.


Siya munhu aimbe iwe akakumbira macontributions muno tanga kutaurisa futi.- Hanah Gade. ***

Gandanga hariperi, iyi haisi bubblegum music. – Hilda Kampira.


Makura mudhara chizororayi Soko. – Abbas Abbas.


Why would he need to jump high as if he is performing dancehall while he performs the super Chimurenga? Moreover it’s doing it the legendary way. Makanyebeliwa kuti its over amainini. – Obvie Marimbire.


He knows he’s old and he’s not performing daily but once or twice in a couple of years. – Zviko Nollan.


The sound was a setback for Mukanya. – Stewart Wapwanyika.


The Rolling Stones are old and still selling out concerts, mashaya nyaya! – Loretta Chipo Gabriella.


He must open a spazza. I respect him but zvekuimba he must rest. – Ishmael Katandika.


Umwe anotukwa chete neGandandanga, hazvipere mushe , long live Mukanya. – Casper CK.


That’s our beloved Zimbabwe. So should he remain young for validation? – Edmore Kwaramba.


He clearly is past his prime. – Fulton Francis Mupupu.


Siyai Mukanya wedu, he has never been an agile active dancer but kumabira toenda zvakadaro, timeless music ndozvo, zvekujamba jecha itai mega. – Leonard Sakupwanya.


Nhai imi. What do you mean it’s over? The way you put it suggests that you want him to give up on life and die just because he is old. That is a reflection of quite a wicked mind. – Tawanda Lovemore Gilford Zidya.


Long live Thomas Mapfumo, long live. – Sam Matanhike.


So was the poor sound a sign of aging too? Just asking for a friend. – FloNyerene Madamombe.


What does Mukanya’s age has to do with sound. – Lucy Lulu Chairs.

— HMetro

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