Fracas as Mabhanditi leader Seh Calaz seriously angers Nutty O

Seh Calaz

AFTER a week of a brutal social media war between Seh Calaz and Nutty O, the latter says the ‘‘Mabhanditi’’ leader is a bitter man who loves controversy to gain popularity.

Seh Calaz has seemingly been trying to create a beef between the emerging talented artist Prosper Fi Real and Nutty O.

The Hatimisike singer sparked the conflict with his post, which was meant to provoke Nutty O’s camp, on Facebook, which read:

“Haurambe kuti Prosper Fi Ril anokunda uyo . . . handidi kupikiswa. Kwete zvekunyeba.”

The post resulted in social media users reacting and Nutty O’s camp was no exception.

Calaz has been arguing there were gatekeepers trying to block other artists to rise while shielding and promoting their favourite artists.

He brought up Prosper Fi Real into the debate, an artist who sings a similar style to that of Nutty O.

The rookie seems to be making inroads in showbiz and he was given as an example of how other talents have been suppressed by our local entertainment gatekeepers.

Calaz, however, claims that with the end of lockdown, people will experience a resurgence of new stars rising in Zim dancehall, without the help of gatekeepers, who have strong social media influence. Nutty O, who also uses an account with the name Simbarashe Carrington on Facebook, attacked one of those who reacted, using the name Machukucha Mubhanditi.

“Machukucha Mubhanditi tinoziva i ghost account renyu iri mukoma.

“Isusu hatipo pakurwisa or kurwa nevanhu time yabaya we need to look for money and fight poverty, uplift sound ne music yemu Zimbabwe.

“Iyo yenyu ye hondo, I am sure you know ku Ukraine kune hondo, they need support and I guess you can render the support.

“Silent Killer anoda hondo futi, inini ndikuda money-making plans nekusimudzira vamwe #Ndatenda,” replied Nutty O.

In an interview with H-Metro, Nutty O’s publicist, Argus Mepo, said it was Seh Calaz’s nature to create conflicts.

“First and foremost, the musical space is very wide to an extent that every hardworking, strategic and dedicated artist will eventually get a fair portion. Who are the gatekeepers to safeguard a wide open entertainment entity?

“These are mere hallucinations by people who misinterpret bloggers as gatekeepers.

“In fact, the so called bloggers are musical fans as well who have the right to support and push an artist of their choice.

“Similarly, we all know a lot of artists, who have a battalion of ghost accounts to buttress their validity, yet the same people attack bloggers day and night.

“Breakthroughs and hit songs come from God and no one can suppress or stop it.

“Seh Calaz is used to gaining popularity through unorthodox means, we all know his backdoor entrance into the musical scene when he dissed Winky D back in 2013.

“This time around he wants to drag the innocent Prosper Fi Real into his mess.

“If he is so sincere about helping artists, he could have assisted youths like Horror and Ally D, who were once signed to his record label Yala Nation.”

He added:

“On that same note, his stable was deserted by a lot of artists and crumbled like a deck of cards.

“It is clear that he wants to use Prosper Fi Real as a proxy in expressing his bitterness and anger at Nutty O’s success and loads of achievements.

“He is trying to get back to the limelight by hijacking a youth who is doing well musically.

“Prosper Fi Real came out of Nutty O’s hands, he was the one who referred and linked him with Funkidalic Cashlibs.

“He is an ABX yut and we are proud of him.”

— HMetro

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