Jah Prayzah under fire as chaos rocks his show AGAIN!


Does Jah Prayzah need prayers?

Probably, some will say, after two of Jah Prayzah’s recent shows were blighted by crowd trouble in Harare and Gweru.

On Friday night, there was violence in the Midlands capital as fans threw missiles and damaged property.

The musician’s team said they could not appear on stage because of a number of shortcomings which they blamed on the promoters.

Some sections of the fans are sympathising with Jah Prayzah while others are putting the blame squarely on him.

He was quick to apologise citing poor system arrangements.

“To my fans who braced the night and sacrificed time and money to see us do what we do best, we shall continue to push event organisers to deliver as per agreements and value the time and money that fans put in to support our industry,” he said in a statement.

“Thank you Team JP for your understanding.”

There has been mixed reactions from the fans and here are some of them:


Brand yes rihombe asi makatadza basa wangu se band munofanirwa kuva ne PA system yenyu kana mune quality of sound yamoda, (2) team management ndozvinhu zvavaifanirwa kutanga vanoona pa ground before the deal re show and mukasagadzirisa ipapo muchagara muchitaura zvazodai hee what, what plaz pamwe mari dzamunoda kuma promoters yakawanda zvinova izvo zvinozoita promoter akate ma expense anenge achiitira zvi balance. – reader.


Tongokuda wakadaro…but it’s the first time I hear the word elucidate…I said it to my wife ndabva ndakwidibirwa nembama.– Cde Jeff Izidane Snr.


Quality control is important… it hurts as a promoter… it hurts as a fan but also I respect the artist preserving his brand! – DJ Blush


Sound test should be done before the actual date/hrs. Manager should be on the ground before you sign contracts and management need to go and see the things on the ground vs pa contract before you sign days before the show. Makabhaiza. Just own up and correct your mistakes and learn chete apa Wagwizi. – Gabriel Gutsa.


At least, going on stage to show people you were present was good enough to calm the people down. – Amarok Archford Chere.


Kungoita ka 6 channel hybrid mixer nema speaker 2 vanhu vakutoda kusheedza JP, vanhu tipei ma serious. Well said JP wakagona ku Defender title. – DJ Makhazi Zimbabwe.


First and foremost, it’s great that you took time to communicate with your fans apologising and excusing for the mess, we love 3G and we expect more from you guys, a mistake should be a once off thing, it’s a lesson on your management and yourself, work on your operations team to have first-hand site visit a day before to avoid letting down fans, we keep expecting more from this revolutionary excellence. – Mike Jnr Mazai.


Jah Prayzah business is not a rollercoaster ride considering where we are coming from, we have to face these challenges and setbacks every day! Just keep pushing because we still have a long way to go and more challenges are still on the way but never give up! You have a big role to play in making the world a better place to live in through your music! – Talis Solar energy and engineering.


I remember the same thing happened in Masvingo in 2017, bought tickets for a show that was supposed to be hosted paCaravan & JP didn’t show up and they said the PA system was not up to scratch and we never got refunds bvazvatovharana zvakadaro. – Mukunda waHerbert.


Thanks for the press statement, it shows how professional you are, promoters try to do what you would have agreed on, don’t try to tarnish musicians because of your deeds. – Chipo Matete.


Inotambika soja, I was actually becoming worried kuti why ma show ako ese achingobudirira, panofana kungoitika such things here and there. – Shakani Nyoni.


But your management team should have been on the ground to check if all specifics you require to perform at your level are met. You should be proactive not reactive……Be professional baba – Fanuel Kamba.

— HMetro

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