Eva treated me like Ngoni Munetsiwa’s mistress: Madam Boss clashes with hubby’s pregnant lover


IN March this year, we had to ride a severe storm.

Our exclusive story of the affair between Ngonidzashe Evangelister Zhou and Madam Boss’ husband, Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa, triggered a hurricane on social media.

While many people woke up to the shock of the article, many Munetsiwa loyalists sprung to his defence, labelling our story a LIE.

Socialites like Bev posted pictures of Eva, and another man, claiming he was the Ngoni she was in love with.

However, this turned out to be false.

The biggest of the defenders had to be Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe, a man who turned himself into a woman after leaving the country, and is popularly known as Tatelicious.

“H-Metro ranga richingoda kuti bepa ritengwe, marketing strategy. Imagine ndanga ndotouya nespeaker. Veduweeee, ndaisvoda nhasi.

“Thank God, ndasevhwa nemafans angu who researched further on the case. Ndainyara nhasi,” he posted saying the story was nothing, but a big lie to market the paper.

But Tatelicious did not stop there.

Tatelicious went live on Facebook and played the conversation, purportedly with Evangelister, where she denied being preg_nant, speaking to her pastor Jairos Maphosa about it, or knowing Ngonidzashe at all.

She claimed she spoke to Ngonidzashe, for the first time the previous morning, after he called her about the story in that day’s paper.

  •  Tatelicious deliberately did not ask Evangelister how Ngoni got her number early in the morning if they did not know each other.
  • Tatelicious did not ask her to explain the video of her downing a pesticide blaming Ngoni for trying to make her abort.
  • Tatelicious also did not ask Eva why her Pastor would talk to H-Metro about her and claim she wanted to kill herself over Ngoni, armed with the video of the suicide attempt.

When the pastor asked her for her address, and Ngoni’s number, she supplied them to him, even sending both his Econet and NetOne lines, which H-Metro already had.

Tatelicious ignored all these things, in fact she cut the recording when Eva was talking about the pastor, because it was spoiling their plot.

H-Metro was in possession of a statement by Eva’s church confirming the whole story.

The statement by the Church of Asaph reads:

“Greetings all saints in the name of Jesus.

“From the Apostle’s office to clarify the news going around on social media.

“It’s a complicated issue involving our youth member (Church of Asaph Zimbabwe) namely Ngonidzashe Evangelister Zhou (Ndhlovu).

“The story is true according to the source our daughter attempted to use the esteemed office of the Apostle to sugar-coat her immoral secret affair and suicidal videos threats.

“The church stands with all principles of serving the community and Biblical values without fear or favour.

“We condemn all acts of immorality and support families as the law of God.

“We encourage the Church to pray in such times and remain standing.

“Our Apostle is sound and strong, sending love to all”

Eva phoned H-Metro begging for the story to be put to rest, saying it had negatively affected her affair with Madam boss’ husband.

She blamed her church pastor for disclosing the illicit affair, which she described as personal, and she just wanted to seek help.

Lies have short legs and seven months after that storm, today, we can once again proudly tell our readers that, as they believed, WE ARE NOT LIARS.

Meanwhile, Madam Boss  on Monday clashed with her preg_nant Eva for staying at her house in Seke.

Madam Boss assaulted Eva, took her mobile phone and deleted all photographs of her husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa and the lover.

Madam Boss told H-Metro that she felt betrayed by Ngoni after eight years of marriage and was not prepared to accommodate Evangelista.

“I could not stomach Evangelista staying at my matrimonial house,” said Madam Boss.

“My sisters-in-law supported me and were also shocked to learn that Ngoni had hidden his preg_nant lover at our house.

“I do not know if Ngoni is responsible for Evangelista’s preg_nancy, but she vowed not to leave my husband and my house.

“I am expecting Ngoni to clean his dirt and not force me to call it quits.

“I have been quiet for a long time about these allegations, but Evangelista treated me like Ngoni’s mistress.

“She uttered provocative words in front of me and my sisters-in-law, but I remained calm and gave her money to buy food,” said Madam Boss.

Ngoni has been hiding Evangelista since H-Metro exposed their affair sometime in March this year.

Evangelista was taken to a rented house in Avondale where she suspected the landlady to be Ngoni’s lover and sought alternative accommodation.

Ngoni admitted to bedding Evangelista and begged for time to clear his mess.

“The matter is now being handled by the family,” said Ngoni.

“Yes, I made a mistake, but I will furnish you with details after meeting the families,” he said.

Evangelista spent the better part of yesterday at the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court applying for a peace order against Madam Boss.

Sources close to Evangelista disclosed to H-Metro that Ngoni had promised to facilitate her relocation to the United Kingdom.

Ngoni and Madam Boss are said to be toying with the idea of taking Evangelista for paternity tests.

Evangelista exposed her illicit affair with Ngoni by posting some photographs and videos in which she threatened to commit suicide, accusing Ngoni of ignoring her calls.

— HMetro

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