Zodwa Mkandla and Passion Java share glowing tributes to the late King of Bling Ginimbi Kadungure


GINIMBI at 38!

It could have been on Monday but we all know that fate ruled otherwise.

His inner circle hasn’t forgotten him and Zodwa Mkandla and Prophet Passion Java have shared glowing tributes to the late King of Bling.

Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure died two years ago, in a road accident.

“Ginimbi you shall always be missed, waurikumberi and ka diss kedu kainakidza now ndakungorwa ne vanhu vasina basa, kana Buggati hapachina need yekuibuditsa, unorema even usipo,” said Prophet Passion.

“Happy birthday to you.”

Mkandla said:

“It’s now only memories my dear, we would have been partying today…happy heavenly birthday.”

His sister, Nelia Kadungure, said:

“Today is your birthday in Heaven. I really miss you bro. I know we can’t celebrate you GINIMBI Today like we have in past years, Happy birthday in Heaven Dad.”

Miss Shally had this to say:

“It’s my best friend’s heavenly Birthday @ginimbi, for years I would plan his birthday party a few months in advance and he would say Shallo yah so they have enough time to buy proper clothes.

“It all feels strange to not have you around, if you can help please take this pain away I miss you so much.

“Happy heavenly birthday always.”

Well, what really happens when one gets to 38?

“It’s that sinking feeling when music seems too loud, getting out of bed in the morning takes a little more effort, and the world appears to be full of teenagers,” noted the American website, Today, in 2016.

“You never imagined that time would come when so many people seem younger, but now you’re entertaining the question: Am I old?

“An interactive graphic by Nathan Yau of FlowingData, a blog that explores statistics, analysis and data, allows you to see how old you are compared to the rest of the U.S. population, based on the five-year American Community Survey estimates from 2014.

“The graphic shows that right around 37 or 38 is when there are more Americans younger than an individual instead of older.”

Five years earlier, the Daily Mail newspaper published a report which claimed that ‘Life Begins At 38,’ instead of 40.

“The belief that life begins at 40 has just been challenged by a new study that showed Britons feel most content with their life at the age of 38 and generally enjoy a more comfortable existence during their 30s,” the paper reported.

“People feel most confident in social situations such as bars, clubs and parties when they are in their mid-30s, a survey of 2,000 adults showed.

“The lifestyle research revealed that twice as many people said money was more important to them than friends, while most of those questioned said they would not swap their life with one of their friends.

“More than one in four of those surveyed said they did not feel in control of their own lives, and two out of five worried about getting old.”

Well, Ginimbi never made it to 38 but the King of Bling’s legacy lives on.

— HMetro

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