She wanted me dead so that she could stay with her boyfriend at my house: Woman roasts hubby’s ARVs


A MUTARE woman stands accused of roasting her husband’s antiretroviral drugs to fast-track his death and pave way for her boyfriend.

As a result, Farai Dambudzo experienced a diarrheal episode and had to be admitted at a local hospital.

Upon his discharge from the hospital, Dambudzo showed his wife, Agnes Magada, the exit door.

Magada then bolted to the Mutare Civil Court to apply for a protection order against Dambudzo so that she could stay at their matrimonial house.

Mr Xavier Chipato presided over the matter and advised Dambudzo to follow the customary route to divorce his wife.

Mr Chipato also granted Magada’s application for a protection order.

Said Dambudzo: “I cannot continue staying with a murderer. She wanted me dead so that she could stay with her lover, Sam Machika, at my house. She roasted my ARVs and I innocently took them thinking they had not been tampered with.

“I only realised that something was wrong when I started having serious diarrhoea. One of my daughters let the cat out of the bag and told me that her mother wanted to kill me. I brought her to this court to testify,” he said.

Dambudzo said Magada took advantage of the fact that she is the one who collects his ARVs from the local clinic.

The court heard that at one time when Machika (the alleged boyfriend) had been found at the couple’s home, Magada lied to her husband that he was her uncle.

Another time, Machika came and knocked at the couple’s bedroom window. When Dambudzo responded to the knock, Machika said he was checking on a child he had heard crying.

Magada then admitted that she was having an affair with Machika, adding that they were using protection.

As compensation, Magada allegedly begged her husband to take her 11-year-old daughter as his second wife.

The girl in question is from Magada’s first marriage.

Fortunately, Dambudzo turned down the offer.

“She has her own three kids and we were blessed with three more. She offered me her 11-year-old daughter as a second wife. I have been taking care of this child all these years and she had the guts to offer her to me as a wife, imagine!

“I think she wanted to use her as a bait to get me arrested for rape so that she could enjoy quality time with Machika. I refused to be part of her evil plot and I found another beautiful woman to marry,” said Dambudzo.

In response, Magada said Dambudzo was cooking up stories to kick her out of their matrimonial home.

She said Dambudzo is harassing and telling her to vacate her matrimonial home to pave way for his second wife.

“He recently sold our house and bought another one to stay with his new wife. We built our house together as husband and wife, therefore he should not chase me away,” said Magada.

She, however, admitted that she has been cheating on Dambudzo.

“He left me with the children alone while he was away in Honde Valley. How did he expect us to survive? I had to find someone to fill the gap he had created,” said Magada

— Manica Post

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