My husband stole my property and money, he used them to pay lobola for his new wife: Drama in court

Gilbert Gwarada

HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned!

The old adage was brought to life by a Chimanimani woman who last week on Saturday washed their matrimonial dirty linen in public at Acting Chief Mutambara’s court.

Rebecca Shava accused her cheating husband, Gilbert Gwarada, of not performing in bed for the past two months following his recent secret marriage to another woman.

The couple’s endless disputes spilled to Acting Chief Mutambara’s court, with Shava complaining of being s_3x-starved. She complained that their 31-year-old marriage is in tatters with no hope of rekindling the lost love.

Shava said she only discovered that her husband’s manhood was locked by Gwarada’s new lover, Previous Rwanga, through the community rumour mill.

Word was also doing the rounds that Gwarada had married Rwanga while she was in South Africa.

“I was in South Africa trading my wares since I am a cross-border trader when he married Previous Rwanga. I only got to know of it through the rumour mill. It is alleged that he was using my matrimonial bed as their love nest during my absence. I suspect this is why he now suffers from ere_ctile dysfunction each time I try to be intimate with him,” said Shava.

The bitter woman also said her husband used her cattle and money to marry Rwanga.

“He stole my property and money. He used them to pay for his new wife’s bride price. What irks me the most is that he tricked my brother into helping him marrying Rwanga,” said Shava.

She insisted that she wanted to be restituted for her bed and four blankets used by Gwarada and his new wife.

“He took my two cattle and 11 buckets of beans which he sold and paid lobola for his new wife. All this was done behind my back and when I came back from South Africa, he could no longer perform in bed. He kept hiding behind his marriage to a new wife, saying this was energy sapping.

“He would sneak out of the house and go to his mother’s homestead where he would be intimate with his new wife and rush back home every night. When I confronted him, he finally admitted marrying a new wife and said he loved us both. I, however, do not see the marriage working because he can only perform in the second wife’s bed. When he is with me, he has a ‘flat battery’,” she complained.

Gwarada confirmed the development and left Acting Chief Mutambara’s court in stitches after he quoted the Shona adage: “Rinonyenga rinohwarara rinozosimudza musoro rawana. (A suitor’s true colours will be revealed after winning the woman’s heart)”.

He said when he wooed his second wife, he told her that he had separated with his wife.

He, however, refused to divulge the state of his bedroom affairs.

In his ruling, Acting Chief Mutambara ordered Gwarada to restitute his wife’s property.

“We will also parcel out another piece of land for you and your new wife so that you can build a new home. We are having endless cases of young women wrecking marriages after envying property that would have been accumulated through the efforts of other women. This should stop,” he said.

It later emerged that Rwanga was married to another man when she met Gwarada.

She deserted the man to become Gwarada’s second wife.

Acting Chief Mutambara said from the evidence presented to his court, it was clear that Rwanga was not hoodwinked into marrying Gwarada.

Despite Acting Chief Mutambara’s offer for separate land for Gwarada’s two wives, Rwanga’s family insisted that their daughter should stay at Gwarada’s old homestead.

This infuriated Shava and a scuffle erupted.

The chief’s aides had a torrid time trying to stop the fight.

— Manica Post

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