High drama as woman catches husband having lula lula with girlfriend at their gate


A HARARE woman has been granted a protection order against her abusive husband.

Paidamoyo Chizuzu claimed her husband, Merest Chizuzu, was very abusive.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi granted the protection order.

She told the court that she ran away from their homestead two months ago because Merest insults her in front of their children.

She said he also spit in her face and accused her of having a l0ver at his workplace at Harare City Council.

“He calls me a b***h in front of our children, which makes them disrespect me.

“We got married when we both had two children of our own.

“He choked me and was convicted, which made the matter worse since he accused the police officers of being my l0vers,” she said.

Paidamoyo said she was afraid that her husband might track her down and harm her.

She started sobbing in court and was given a few minutes to recollect herself.

“Your Worship, if you don’t give me this protection order, he will send a gang to come get me at my new homestead.

“I’m now afraid for my life.

“They work together with his girlfriend. I once caught them having s_3x at our gate and l made a scene both at home and their workplace, so he is definitely coming for revenge.”

Chizuzu denied the allegations saying his wife was a lovely person and has been bewitched.

“I oppose the application, Your Worship. My wife is under a spiritual spell which makes her lose her mind.

“She suffers from epilepsy, so l lock her outside until she gets well.

“I woke up at 3am preparing for a business trip and caught her in the lounge doing a ritual, that’s when I realised that she was in a trance and locked her outside for a few hours to recover.

“Besides all these incidents, she is a lovely woman who is a professional, and I am trying to help her by all means possible.

“She can’t even keep a job for a month because of this spiritual spell placed on her,” he said.

— HMetro

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