High drama as man flees nakəd after being caught red-handed having s_əx with neighbour’s goat


IN a horrible act of animal cruelty, a seemingly s_əx-starved 20-year-old man from Godlwayo Village 3 in Esigodini District, Matabeleland South province has been arrested for allegedly having s_əx with a goat which reportedly died during the act, apparently of exhaustion.

The alleged pervert Mthandazo Ndlovu performed an act that would make “any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach,” when he allegedly rap_ed Brighton Nkomo’s goat to death before he was also caught red-handed romping with Luckson Mkandla’s goat.

Both Nkomo and Mkandla are from Ntabende Village in Esigodini.

Circumstances are that on 28 October 2022 and at around 10pm, Ndlovu who was employed at Phat-Ore Mine, went to Nkomo’s homestead and upon arrival he entered his goat pen.

While inside the goat pen, he allegedly had s_əx with one of his female goats. It is alleged that the goat died during the act.

It is reported that the following morning Nkomo went to the goat pen and found one of his female goats lying unconscious and upon checking it, he found it dead with some s_əmen on its rear.

Nkomo reportedly tracked a trail of footprints from the goat pen and they led him to Ndlovu’s place.

It is reported that on 31 October 2022 and at around 3am, Ndlovu who seemed to be on a s_əx spree with goats, went to Mkandla’s homestead and upon arrival he got into his goat pen.

While inside the pen, he took off all his clothes and grabbed one of the female goats and forced it to lie on its back and had s_əx with it.

Apparently out of pain, the goat bleated continuously and that prompted Mkandla to wake up and go to the pen to see what was happening.

Mkandla reportedly stealthily moved to the goat pen and upon arrival he flashed his torch and was shocked when he saw Ndlovu busy like a rabbit having s_əx with one of his female goats.

In a swank of shame, Ndlovu fled naked leaving behind his clothes in the goat pen.

By that time Mkandla who had already recognised Ndlovu went and reported the matter to the police leading to his arrest.

Ndlovu is expected to appear before Esigodini resident magistrate charged with two counts of bestiality as defined in Section 74 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

His clothes which he left in Mkandla’s goat pen are also expected to be used as an exhibit.

— BMetro

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