Man strips wife nakəd and dumps her near shopping centre as punishment for performing poorly in bed

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IN a disturbing case of domestic violence, a 33-year-old woman from Kumalo suburb in Bulawayo was stripped nak_ed by her husband and dumped near Ascot Shopping Centre at night allegedly as punishment for performing poorly in bed.

This came to light when Thamsanqa Ngwenya (38) pleaded guilty to three charges of physical abuse before Bulawayo magistrate Busani Sibanda.

The abusive Ngwenya who was initially sentenced to six months imprisonment will, however, serve an effective three months in jail after three months of his sentence were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

The court proved that on 14 July 2022 and at around 9pm, the couple was having s_əx when Ngwenya suddenly stopped and told his wife Rosejoy Sikhosana that her body movements felt as if she was not interested in the act.

Sikhosana apologised but Ngwenya who was already angry threatened her saying he was going to take her back to her rural home in Lower Gweru.

Ngwenya then gave her his tracksuit to put on before he ordered her to go outside with him. The couple walked from their house and when they were near Ascot Shopping Centre, Ngwenya ordered Sikhosana to take off his tracksuit.

Sikhosana complied and gave him back his tracksuit, and he left her there and told her not to come back home.

The court heard that sometime in May 2022 and at around 10pm, Sikhosana was cooking when Ngwenya came home and started shouting at her saying she was slow in doing household chores.

Sikhosana told her that she was not feeling well as a result of a painful wound on her leg.

Agitated by her response, Ngwenya went outside and picked up a metal rod, which he used to hit his wife several times on her back.

The abusive Ngwenya only stopped when he discovered that his wife had been badly hurt.

The court further heard that sometime in July 2022 and at night, Ngwenya went home angry after receiving a call from his son’s teacher that he did not submit his continuous assessment learning activity (CALA) homework and he blamed his wife for not assisting their children with school work.

When he confronted her, Sikhosana told him that the work had been written on paper and she had no money to take it for printing in town.

Angered by his wife’s response, Ngwenya took a stick and struck her with it several times on her head.

When she tried to cover her head with her hand, it was also struck with the stick in the process.

The daring Ngwenya only stopped the assault when he realised that his wife had suffered a deep cut on her head and was also bleeding profusely.

Sikhosana who sustained bruises on her eyes, head and face went and reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of her husband.

— BMetro

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