Night out ends tragically as man returns home in coffin while his lover gets bundled into police van


It was a tragic end to a seemingly perfect night!

Merrily, the lovebirds went for the Nyaminyami Festival in Kariba, but separately they returned after an altercation.

In one vehicle they went for the music extravaganza, but one was to return in an emergency vehicle and later the mortuary, while the other was bundled into a police vehicle.

All seemed well for the lovebirds until a third person came into the picture.

Don’t they say two is company and three is a crowd?

On the night, drinks were flowing, the excitement in the crowd was palpable and the atmosphere was just electric.

As the speakers blew away the music and the crowd danced the night away, an altercation that would lead to the life of one of the revellers being cut short flared.

One of the bottles containing the liquid that oiled the excitement and helped build a carnival atmosphere, ironically turned into a murder weapon.

For 34-year-old Keith Kadziyanike, the green bottle was the petrol that fuelled his life. It was to also end it!

His love for the wise waters was an open secret to his family, friends and acquaintances.

So too was his love affair with Sibongile Jackie Sianjalika (32).

However, there was also another man, a supposedly known Sianjalika lover.

Whether there was a verbal agreement, known to two parties in the love triangle or all, remains an issue for speculation. It is said the arrangement subsisted for sometime.

Some members of the late Kadziyanike’s family indicated that they knew of the long standing relationship and also the third man.

But on the fateful day, she had reportedly gone out with Keith.

The two are said to have cuddled and shared close moments, with Keith buying the bottle that was to be used to end his life just before he left for the rest room.

On returning, he found his catch cuddl!ng with the supposed lover.

Keith is said to have yanked the green bottle from Sianjalika and hit her.

However, she reportedly managed to recover the bottle and broke it before slicing open the left side of his neck.

He started bleeding and staggered away from the scene alone.

No one dared to assist him as he manoeuvred away from the scene, ostensibly to get help or take himself to the clinic as no one was prepared to step in.

One person, a primary school classmate, Melody Mbonda, recognised him and mustered the courage to help.

Melody initially got a t-shirt which she wrapped around the gaping wound in a bid to stop the bleeding.

“A friend I was sitting with at the braai area pointed towards a man who was walking towards us,” said Melody.

“He was walking like someone who is drunk, nearly falling on several occasions, but he was bleeding. I discovered it was Keith and immediately started helping him.”

Melody asked him what had happened and he initially rebuffed her bid to assist before she stepped in without his consent.

First by walking him to a nearby tree where she sat him down and tried to cover the incision.

After realising that the bleeding was not stopping, she took off the tracksuit bottom that he was wearing and wrapped it around the neck.

Every plea for assistance went unheeded as the “brave” preferred to be spectators while others cringed and left at the sight of blood.

Every breath resulted in blood gushing out through the open wound.

“I could hear a strange crackling sound coming from the wound and I could see a big dark hole on his neck,” said Melody.

“It was a scary sight and to this day, I am struggling to eat meat because of what I witnessed.”

It was after sometime that another man stepped in to help carry Keith to the entrance where they hoped to get a well-wisher to ferry him to the clinic.

He was eventually taken to Nyamhunga Clinic before being taken to Kariba District Hospital.

Keith died around 3:40am and his body was placed in the mortuary and later taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital for a post mortem.

For the family, the community and the police, there are more questions than answers as to how he died.

So far, Sianjalika is in police custody, assisting with investigations.

Kadziyanike’s uncle Francis Gadzikwa said he was a jovial character who loved his bottle and did not hide that he was in a relationship with Sianjalika.

“We have never known him to be a violent man and as such we are surprised that he was involved in this violent incident which ended his life,” he said.

The family was expected to travel to Magunje yesterday to arrange Keith’s burial.

His body will be taken from Harare to Magunje after release of the postmortem results.

— Herald

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