4 of the Best Tourist Spots in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe’s tourism industry has long been affected by the political debacle it has been trapped in. The advent of the pandemic proved to be the final nail in the coffin leading to the policymakers of the country starting to pay more attention towards the tourism sector. Recently, tourism places have been further developed to ensure the success of this sector and are now as exciting as gambling at the online Novibet casino.

Offering a captivating insight into the history of the African continent, there are wildlife national parks, serene natural areas and ancient sites in the country. Hwange National Park, Victoria Falls, the vibrant city of Bulawayo and lake Kariba are among the favorite tourist spots that you can not miss on your next trip to Zimbabwe.

1. Victoria Falls

With a height of 354 feet and the width of 5604 feet, Victoria falls is the largest waterfall on the planet. Located on the Zambezi river, it separates Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is named among the seven wonders of the world.

The fascinating spectacle of Victoria falls, along with breathtaking panoramas will be a good start to your trip. Victoria falls is among the most visited tourist places in Zimbabwe and the locals earn their income by providing facilities to the tourists.

To make your trip more thrilling, you can also enjoy a helicopter flight of almost 10 minutes to take a 360 degree view of the magnificent views of Victoria falls.

2. Hwange National Park

One of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife parks, Hwange National Park is located on the border of Botswana and Zimbabwe. It is the largest and oldest of Zimbabwe’s wildlife parks. Hwange elephants are the most popular species due to their huge size.

Not only are the huge Hwange elephants rare, but there are numerous other uncommon safari animals such as the brown Hyenas, the African wild dogs and the black rhinos, that can be found here. If animals fascinate you, you must add Hwange national park on the top of your list of tourist places in Zimbabwe.

Numerous photographers also visit this park to capture the critically endangered species in the world. Home to over 400 species, the abundance of birdlife also makes the park a sightseeing wonder.

3. Bulawayo

Bulawayo is located at a 4 hours drive from Hwange national park allowing you to stay in the city after your trip to the park. It was the second city established in the country. The city takes you back in time to the era of British rule in the country.

If you are keen to learn more about the unusual and exotic species of the country, you can take a tour of the Natural History museum. One of the major economic and industrial hubs in the country, Bulawayo is also one of the most developed cities in the country.

Other than that, there are railway museums, various galleries and a cathedral that you can visit. Bulawayo is a true depiction of the cultural diversity in the country.

4. Lake Kariba

It is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world right now. The flow of river Zambezi was molded in a way that has maintained this artificial lake. Thousands of tourists visit lake Kariba every year to admire its beauty.

You can explore each corner of the lake, stretching 140 miles in length and 25 miles in width, through a boat ride only. Located on the southern shore of the lake, Matusadona national park is also another fascinating site in the area.

People also go for hiking and other outdoor activities on the shores of the lake and enjoy the magical sunset. Bird watching, game viewing, and fishing are all available at this lake.

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