SAD STORY: Mother of 3 girls who were repeatedly raped for years by their evil father speaks out


THE mother of three Kadoma girls, who were repeatedly rap_ed by their father for years, said he always phoned to check where she was.

She said she now realises that her husband was always calculating when he could abuse their daughters.

The woman said she now regrets all the time she spent at church conferences and prayer meetings, as that presented her husband an opportunity to abuse their daughters.

She said he would call her after every 30 minutes to check where she was and if she was okay.

“I thought it was love, unaware that he wanted time to abuse children.

“Madzimai ose hapana asingade murume anomufonera fonera saka ini ndakafunga kuti rudo,” she said.MOTHER

“A dark cloud has now enveloped my life and that of my children,” said the woman.

“I made sure I did not miss any church programme to avoid being with my violent husband, but little did I know that I was giving him a chance to practice his evil deeds on my daughters.

“I went for prayers at various mountains, and attended church gatherings, unaware that the lion I was running away from was preying on my daughters.

“Murume wangu akandibaya nerakagomara, andikodzeka semukaka zvino ndazokora.

“It seems as if all my prayers were in vain, but I will not forsake God.

“I will keep asking why He allowed this to happen.”

She added: “He destroyed my daughters’ lives day and night, and all this was happening on my matrimonial bed.

“He is heartless, cruel and inhuman.

“We are now living in fear and do not know his plans after my daughters exposed his evil deeds.

“Lord hear me as I pray for justice to take its course.

“I am appealing for help for my children. They need counselling and a safe haven.”

— HMetro

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