‘Some promoters demand s_əxual favours in exchange for shows or financial support’

Sarah Dee

MODELLING instructor-cum-musician, Sarah Dee, claims she is a victim of s_əxual abuse in showbiz.

She lashed out at promoters who demand s_əxual favours, from female artists, in exchange for shows or financial support.

The multi-tasking arts practitioner also claimed local promoters prefer dealing with big artists, who can help them make quick returns.

She said this ahead of the launch of her sixth album titled, ‘‘She Warrior,’’ at Jameson Hotel on November 25.

In an interview with H-Metro, Sarah Dee said the album talks about her journey as an arts practitioner and the challenges she faces in life.

“The album is going to highlight my showbiz and life experiences.

“My great work is not being recognised as some promoters are refusing to work with me as they demand s_əxual favours,” she said.

She told H-Metro some promoters and club owners were preying on desperate female artists.

“We have a number of issues that we face as women in the industry but cannot call out names because no one will want to work with us.

“Some promoters will ask for s_əxual favours or to get into a relationship with them so that they can promote your work.

“I have been a victim of this and, as a result, no one wanted to work with me because I refused to do what they wanted,” she said.

Sarah Dee said she has had to perform for next to nothing over the years.

“I have had to perform for food only as the promoter I was working with started making excuses of how the money was not enough to pay me.

“I have never gotten a chance to perform at those big events, I am always left out.

“I want to be able to perform at big events so that I can earn something from what I love doing and that is singing,” she told H-Metro.

She said she was also a survivor of brəast cancer.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer and in July I got cured.

“In this sixth album I will be talking about my experience with cancer and how I managed to fight it.

“It will also be a way of letting people know of the experiences we are facing as ladies in the music industry,” said Sarah Dee.

Born Sarah Dhliwayo-Nkala, the diva is one of female artists who emerged on the local entertainment landscape at the turn of the new millennium.

She joins the likes of Sandra Ndebele, Beatar Mangethe, Mambokadzi Dance Groups, Girls of Peace among other female artists/groups of that era.

She started off as a dancer before she branched into modelling and music.

— HMetro

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