Prof Moyo who fled army assault leaving family behind slammed for spreading falsehoods


Former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Jonathan Moyo has made spectacular and improbable claims that 25 SAS snipers raided his home.

The former G40 kingpin, took to twitter to make the sensational claims. But Moyo’s claims are an outright lie according to combat experts, and analysts.

“First the claim that 25 SAS snipers stormed his house and randomly fired is false. Snipers shoot at targets. Why take a sniper to shoot indiscriminately when you can get a normal soldier to simply shoot in all directions” a military expert who declined to be named wrote to Khuluma Afrika.

“Secondly, at 0200 in pitch black darkness, how did Moyo count the number of snipers present. Snipers operate from high vantage points and under disguise. Did Moyo know the exact location of these snipers, and did he stand outside counting them as they shot at his home. Were the snipers shouting ‘we are snipers’ on loudspeaker while shooting? This is a lie that is horrible, even for a movie.” he added.

Several users on Twitter also questioned how people firing randomly shot at everything else but missed human targets, leading many to conclude that Moyo’s claims are overly exaggerated if not false.

Moyo is reported to have fled the army assault leaving his family behind. Ironically, Moyo called the now President of Zimbabwe a coward after he fled Zimbabwe over security concerns, when he was fired as Vice President.

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