Snake dance prophetess sets tongues wagging…As citizens ask her if she sells snakes for riches


GOGO Indlunkulu Yamanzi speaks to Daily Sun about her trending video.

This is the woman who’s been trending for her snake dance video.

She’s tired of people assassinating her character and wants to clear some things.

In the video, there are Gucci bags in the background and people think she’s trying to lure people into her ndumba.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Gogo Indlunkulu Yamanzi from Middleburg in Mpumalanga said she was fuming when she saw how vile people were on social media.

She said it made her angry but she’s aware that those who judge her don’t know better.

“Social media people are like kids to me. There’s a lot they need to learn and I won’t be moved by what they say,” she said.

She also made it clear that she’s a prophetess and not a sangoma.

Indlunkulu Yamanzi revealed that she does what her ancestors want and if she feels like dancing in that manner, that’s her business.

She explained that the Gucci bags in the video were a birthday present and just like any other gifts, she thanked her ancestors by ukuphahla.

“I don’t use material things to lure anyone. My job is to heal people and those people are usually brought to me by my ancestors. I don’t have to do anything shady to lure anyone,” she said.

She said some people have also been asking her if she’s a snake and if she sells snakes for riches.

“I’m not a snake, nor do I sell one, please respect me,” said Indlunkulu Yamanzi.

Not only are her Gucci bags and snake dance the talk of town, people on Instagram have been questioning her manly voice.

She’s made it clear that its the mkhulu inside talking through her.

“I understand why people would be confused and intimidated by my voice. It’s not mine but that of my ancestor,” said Indlunkulu Yamanzi.

She emphasised that she’s here to help, heal and restore.

— Daily Sun

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