Fresh details emerge on top CIO informer extortion case


The case of a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) informer Delish Nguwaya, who is accused of extorting $15 000 from a local businessman has taken a new twist after one of the State witnesses, a police inspector, told the court that he was forced to nail the suspect, failure of which he was to be arrested.

Victor Jaja, who appeared in court as a State witness turned the tables against his boss, superintendent Nyaradzai Majachani, accusing her of having forced him to change an earlier affidavit containing information that he said was the true version of what transpired.

Nguwaya, who is represented by Jonathan Samukange, is accused of extorting money from Bruce Michael Blake. He is also charged with possession of cocaine and contravening the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act.

However, testifying in court before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande, Jaja, said that the evidence that he gave in his affidavit nailing Nguwaya had been manipulated in a bid to take down the CIO informer.

Jaja said Majachani told him that the initial statement that he had given left a lot to be desired, as it lacked proper facts that would nail Nguwaya. He said he was given an option to leave out the said information or get arrested or to include the information and get spared.

According to the State, Nguwaya told Blake that he was under police investigation for spying, and that the investigations would only be stopped if he paid the said money.

But Jaja told the court that Blake, who was interviewed in his presence, was never asked about anything to do with espionage.

It is alleged that after his arrest, Nguwaya’s car was searched and a sachet containing cocaine was found.

But Nguwaya denied the allegations, claiming the said drugs had been planted in a bid to nail him.

Allegations, according to State papers are that on March 4, this year, Nguwaya demanded $15 000 from Blake.

It is alleged Nguwaya told Blake he was being investigated on allegations of being a spy and demanded $15 000 to facilitate dropping of the charges.

The court heard Nguwaya kept on pestering Blake, prompting the businessman to make a report to the police.

Police officers from CID Drugs set up a trap and, according to the State, Nguwaya was arrested after receiving the trap money.

The court heard that Nguwaya’s vehicle was searched and a khaki envelope containing cocaine was discovered under the driver’s seat.

The State further alleged that Nguwaya was also found in possession of a prescription drug called sildenafil.

Nguwaya will be back in court on Wednesday for trial continuation.

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