2 Gokwe 'witches' eat human flesh, expose each other in court


TWO self-confessed witches from Gokwe recently caused a stir at a traditional court when they went toe-to-toe accusing each other of causing the death of fellow villagers as well as possessing goblins that were giving them sleepless nights.

The two women, Ms Elena Shoko and Ms Clara Mashoko (68) both of Amos Village under Chief Njelele in Gokwe, treated villagers to a free drama before Chief Njelele’s court where they had been summoned over accusations of practising witchcraft.

The chief had to intervene to restore sanity as the simmering tensions degenerated into near scuffles with the two women exchanging harsh words and revealing top secrets of a witchcraft syndicate that was reportedly wreaking havoc in Amos Village which saw Ms Mashoko being alienated by fellow villagers.

Ms Mashoko accused Ms Shoko of possessing goblins that were terrorising villagers while the latter accused the former of eating human flesh as well as incorporating her into the practice.

“While I admit that I am looking for assistance to disentangle myself from practising witchcraft, Shoko is also part of the syndicate that I work with and she possesses goblins that have turned my life into a nightmare. These goblins have also been terrorising villagers.

“It is Ms Shoko and other colleagues who have turned my home into a haven of goblins,” she confessed.

Ms Shoko, however, denied the allegations saying Ms Mashoko was trying to tarnish her image after she was ordered to leave the village over allegations of witchcraft.

“My Lord, I deny all the allegations that have been levelled against me by Ms Mashoko who is trying to embroil me into her heinous shenanigans. She is the one who possesses the goblins that are causing sleepless nights to villagers,” she said.

Chief Njelele postponed the matter to next week for continuation of trial after the two women implicated a fellow villager who had allegedly incorporated them into witchcraft.

“The trial will continue next week because I have summoned a man from the same village as the two women to come and give his side of story after he was implicated by the two witches.

“Initially I had summoned Ms Mashoko after villagers threatened to kill her over allegations of practising witchcraft. She went on to implicate Ms Shoko whom I later summoned to give her side of story.

“The two accused each other of possessing goblins as well as eating human flesh. They went on to exchange harsh words during the court session,” he said.

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