LATEST: ZRP rebranding, Minister unveils new name


THE Minister of Home Affairs and Culture, Dr Obert Mpofu, is working on rebranding the image of the police and has ordered senior police officers to initiate reforms that are favourable to the public.

In an interview yesterday, Dr Mpofu said usage of vehicle tyre deflating spikes should be a thing of the past as the police should not create anxiety among the public.

He said police operations should be client centred and eliminate the hostile relationship with citizens.

Dr Mpofu said the country’s new political dispensation should also usher positive transformation within the police service.

“We are rebranding the police force, we are now having a new paradigm shift which will ensure that the police are now doing what they are supposed to do, what they are mandated to do. And their mandate is very clear, and even the Police Charter itself states that they have to preserve peace so that there is law and order,” said Dr Mpofu.

“Every citizen is entitled to their liberties, where people divert from general principles of good behaviour, they should use the law but in a manner that is humane”.

He said he has directed the police to reduce the number of roadblocks.

“We have already decided that the police should reduce the number of roadblocks. We will only stick to the gazetted roadblocks and those that will only have been reported to the Minister and the minister accepts their request,” Dr Mpofu said.

He said the police should position themselves in such a way that the public becomes safe in their presence.

Dr Mpofu said illegal actions by police which include pulling of vehicle steering and car hand brakes in moving vehicles should stop forthwith.

“It’s a thing of the past, we can’t allow things that create anxiety in the community. All those things are actually unauthorised, they are not part and parcel of policing activities. This is being done by certain malcontents who may not realise the consequences of that kind of action,” he said.

“This is a people’s police force, it has to safeguard the people’s liberties and ensure that they keep law and order. Not to create a situation where people feel insecure in the presence of their police force. This was the message that I conveyed to their commanders. I’m also very happy that the message was well received and we will be working together to come up with the Zimbabwe National Police Services.”

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