Thousands of opposition campaign T-shirts seized by Zimra at Beitbridge border post


In a recent development at the Beitbridge Border Post, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) confiscated a significant quantity of Zapu campaign T-shirts. The regalia, weighing 134kg and packed in seven bags, had been brought into the country by cross-border transporters. The donation of T-shirts was made by supporters of Zapu who are based in South Africa.

Confirming the seizure, Zapu spokesperson Mso Ndlovu announced that efforts were underway to secure the release of the confiscated consignment from Zimra. He stated, “They are still held by Zimra, but we have dispatched a team to the border to get them released.” Ndlovu also expressed determination and resilience, stating that the increased repression against Zapu following the party’s manifesto launch and successful nomination of candidates would not deter them from their mission.

Godfrey Viki, the Zapu South Africa chapter provincial secretary for administration, shed light on the situation, revealing that Zapu’s provincial members in South Africa had purchased thousands of party regalia, including T-shirts, which were sent to Zimbabwe. However, upon their arrival at the Beitbridge Border Post, the merchandise was seized by Zimra.

According to a Zimra receipt dated August 4, the confiscated goods are currently pending clearance by bill of entry and payment of State warehouse rent. The receipt also notified Zapu that if the goods remain uncleared for three months from the date of the notice, they may be sold in accordance with the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23:02].

The seizure of the Zapu campaign T-shirts is seen by many as another instance of escalating repression against the party. Despite this setback, Zapu remains resolute in its commitment to its cause and is determined to confront the challenges head-on.

Zapu, which stands for Zimbabwe African People’s Union, is a political party in Zimbabwe that has been actively engaged in political activities and campaigning ahead of upcoming elections. The party’s manifesto launch and the successful nomination of candidates have marked significant milestones in their efforts to gain support and win seats in the country’s political landscape.

As the situation unfolds, Zapu’s representatives will continue their efforts to secure the release of the confiscated T-shirts, ensuring that their campaign regalia reaches its intended recipients.

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