Chatunga’s ‘brother’ dumps Grace Mugabe, joins Mnangagwa’s faction after being tortured by army


One of the endearing things about the incumbent President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, just like his predecessor, is his witty and hillarious rants at ZANU-PF rallies! “Kana wangobuda mu musangano weZanu PF hupenyu hwako hunotanga kuwunyana seshizha rabva pana mai varo“( When you are chucked from Zanu PF, your life will start wilting, like a leaf cut off from its mother), he says at one of the rallies in video clips that went viral during the hegemony of the last few weeks.

And true to his words, expelled G40 members anguishing in the political wilderness have been falling over each other to bootlick the new leader for survival, with garrulous, Former youth Leader and Legislator, Kudzanai Chipanga, a rabid and key figure of G40 now openly defecting to Lacoste.

In a series of pictures circulating on social media, he is seen donning regalia of his nemesis with a straight face as he seeks to correct his political fortunes. Pragmatic fella, pragmatic!

Before G40 was dramatically ousted by Team Lacoste which staged a grand come-back, powered by the military, Chipanga had vowed to rally behind Grace Mugabe whom he claimed was as good as his own biological mother, before further alleging that Chatunga was equally as good as his own blood young brother.

Addressing journalists in Harare just a week before the army declared war on former President Mugabe and his G40 cabal, Chipanga who was at the time the Zanu PF youth league secretary said they had started lobbying other party structures to dump Mnangagwa and replace him with Grace. Mnangagwa was still the country’s Vice President.

“The Zanu PF youth league is fully behind the secretary for women’s affairs, Dr Amai Grace Mugabe, in calling for the urgent removal of Cde Mnangagwa from the position of Vice-President both in the party and government. That position is a straitjacket and must be handed back to the women’s league,” Chipanga said while declaring that Mnangagwa should be fired and be immediately replaced by Mugabe’s second wife, Grace.

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