Chaos as married woman caught red-handed in landlord’s bedroom


A 19-year-old married woman’s clothes were burnt after she was caught sIeeping in her landlord’s bed in Hatfield last Friday.

Irene Precious Mungai’s illicit affair with her landlord Shepherd Kurwaisimba, 37, was unearthed by Shepherd’s sister who burnt her clothes in anger upon seeing her in the latter’s bedroom.

The sister dragged Irene to her cottage where she informed Irene’s husband Timothy Kugurabadza, 34. Irene confirmed cheating for the past two months saying Shepherd requested for se x from her while she was cleaning his room for money. “Landlord akandikumbira apo ndairongedza mbatya dzake mubedroom rake sezvo achindibhadhara zve part time,” said Irene.

“From that day we would meet and have se x when my husband would be thinking that I would be with Shepherd’s mother vachindiudza ngano dzechinyakare.

“Ndakanyepera kuramwa kurara kumba andinetsera phone yakanga yafonwa nemunhurume ndakatiza ndichiti ndavakunorara nagogo ini ndichinorara naShepherd.

“Shepherd’s sister found me asleep in his bedroom after police picked him during the night over a case reported by a neighbour against him.

“His sister burnt my clothes and I am only left with the ones I am putting on and I have no bus fare to go to my village in Mutare varikundinyima mari yacho apa Shepherd ari kumapurisa epaHatfield.

“I am leaving the two and I want to believe I will find another man to marry me and move on,” said Irene in tears.

Timothy told H-Metro that Irene had always been claiming that she was retiring to bed with Shepherd’s mother after misunderstandings over phone calls that he now believe were from Shepherd.

“I have been hearing from grapevine that my landlord was bedding my wife but I kept quiet since there was no evidence,” said Timothy.

“My wife has been claiming that she was doing part time laundry for Shepherd and the grandmother for the past three months of which I want to believe was a way to have time with Shepherd.”

“I have no option other than allowing her to leave my house and her belongings have been burnt because of her insatiable appetite for se x with other men.

“I could not have time to confront Shepherd after he was picked by police officers for s0d0mising a neighbour,” said Timothy.

Shepherd’s sister confirmed the incident.


“I found Irene sleeping in Shepherd’s bed and I questioned her about this forcing me to enquire from her husband who was alone in their cottage.

“I had visited my mother early in the morning wanting to inquire about Shepherd’s case which was reported to the police,” said the unidentified sister.

She said Shepherd had introduced Irene as his wife to his mother.

“I burnt her clothes in anger because a few months ago Irene burnt our kitchen while clearing litter and upon realising that she was cheating I ordered her to pack her belongings and burnt them,” said Shepherd’s sister.

“My mother told me that Shepherd had been picked by police over a s0d0my issue only her girlfriend was in the bedroom who happened to be Irene.”

Irene and Timothy have been living together for the past three years and have no child together.

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