Former Miss Malaika Brita Masethulini is a gold digger, I paid her for sex: says Mnangagwa


Former Miss Malaika Brita Masethulini is a gold digger, I paid her for sex: says Mnangagwa

Tarirai Mnangagwa, a nephew to the dreaded Zanu PF alleged faction leader and Minister of legal Affairs, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who sired a child with former Miss Malaika, Brita Masalethulini, has no kind words for the former beauty queen.

he alleges that she is a gold digger who only wanted to spend his financial fortunes. Tarirai, who works as a mining consultant at Alex Mine in Kadoma said his relationship with Brita was purely sexual and she would even make him pay for have sex with her.

"I cannot say I loved Brita. What was going on between the two of us was purely lust. We didn't have a social life together. We would only meet for sex and she would even make me pay for it. Every time I had sex with her I paid money not less than US$60 and sometimes I would pay her the money through groceries.

"When were still having sex together I even knew of other men that she was going out with but that was none of my business since I was having what I wanted (which is sex). When she told me last year in November that she was carrying my child I was shocked because I wasn't expecting that from her. However, I didn't dispute the child since I was having sex with her and generally I love kids," he claimed.

"However, I knew she kept the pregnancy from me so that she can have a share on my financial fortunes," he added.

Tarirai went on to disclose how he met Brita through one of his workmates, Jason Mangena, who is related to Brita.

"I am a Mining Consultant in Kadoma at Alexa Mine so I met Brita sometime last year at Avondale shopping centre through my colleague Jason Mangena. I saw them together and Jason introduced me to her then we exchanged phone numbers. She then started calling me saying she wanted me to assist her in her business. She then started frequenting my brother's car sale in Kensington where I used to do my business. We got very close and one day she asked to come for a sleepover at my house in Milton Park and that is when I started having sex with her," he said.

"At that time I was having problems in my marriage and I even thought of settling with her but I later felt it was impossible because we didn't have the same sexual appetite. Brita is way older than me. She is 38 and I am only 30 and she was not as sexually active as I am and most of the time we would have to buy lubricants to make things exciting.

"I also faced a challenge with her because she is not a person of good hygiene. Most of the time I would have to persuade her to take a bath before she goes to bed. I know it's hard to believe since she is a model but it's a fact and it really put me off," he revealed.

Mnangagwa also revealed that things became nasty between her and Brita when he saw explicit pictures in her phone.

"Even though I had these problems, I didn't want to end our relationship since she was already carrying my child but I finally decided to leave her and move on with my life when I saw romantic pictures of her with another man. When she was eight months pregnant, she lied to me that she was with her younger sister. When I called the young sister, she revealed that she had not seen Brita the whole day. When she came back home, she insisted that she was with her sister then I took her phone from her and I saw her in the arms of another man. that is when I ordered her to vacate my house and since then things haven't been well between the two of us," he said.

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