You will pay heavily for humiliating Mugabe: President Mnangagwa told


Self-exiled former Zanu-PF spin doctor Professor Jonathan Moyo has said the Junta will pay at the polls for humiliating former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

Moyo went on Twitter to state that in 2013 Zimbabwe adopted major anti-coup security sector reforms.

Read Moyo’s tweets below:

“Going by the Press Statements of General Chiwenga on 14 November & ED Mnangagwa on 21 November, the coup d’etat of 15 November was clearly in pursuit of a cause of Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction in Zanu PF & was thus unconstitutional under s208 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe!”

“Section 88 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe says Executive Authority is derived not from the gun but from the people at an election. Anything else is a coup & illegitimate. An illegitimate govt derived from the gun can’t organise legitimate & credible elections!”

“In 2013 Zimbabwe adopted major anti-coup security sector reforms under which ONLY the President can deploy the Defence Forces in or outside Zimbabwe as enshrined in s213 of the Constitution. Self-deployment of the Defence Forces as they did on 15 Nov is illegal!”

“As part of the major security sector reforms of 2013 now enshrined in s214 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the deployment of the Defence Forces which can ONLY be done by the President requires political accountability which can ONLY be done through Parliament! “

“Purporting to target “criminals” around President Mugabe, the Junta & Mnangagwa violated two constitutions; Zanu PF’s & Zim’s to steal President Mugabe’s electoral mandate, humiliate him & tarnish his legacy. The Junta will pay at the polls for humiliating President Mugabe!”

“With the architects of Gukurahundi leading the 15 November coup d’etat, there were gross & horrendous but still undocumented human rights violations including Military attacks on individuals & looting of homes; illegal arrests & detentions; torture & murder!”

“The great mass deception of Mnangagwa & the Junta is that the 15 November coup d’etat is against CORRUPTION, aimed at political opponents when the coup leaders & the Junta’s key Cabinet ministers are UN-documented diamond & gold looters in #Zimbabwe & the #DRC!”

“There’re two key questions for #Sadc, #AU & #UN about the deployment of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces on 15 Nov & the ALLEGED resignation of President Mugabe on 21 Nov:

1. Was the ZDF deployment constitutional?
2. Did President Mugabe voluntarily & freely resign? “

“To expect the same Junta & Mnangagwa who violently grabbed power through a coup d’etat on 15 November to organise & oversee free, fair & credible elections is the same as expecting Satan the Devil to organise & run the Church of God on behalf of Christians!”

“Given what has happened since the coup d’etat of 15 November 2017, the only way forward is for #Sadc, #AU & #UN to #CuretheCoup by restoring constitutional legitimacy through a civilian national transitional structure to oversee free, fair & credible elections! “

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