Lecturer catches wife having sex with student


A sex scandal has reportedly rocked Seventh Day Adventist-run Solusi University where a foreign lecturer allegedly caught his wife, who is also a foreigner, pants down with an Angolan student on their matrimonial bed.

The incident has become the talking point at the university — situated about 40 kilometres from Bulawayo — with both students and lecturers questioning the institution’s brushing aside of the matter, despite its known strong Christian values.

According to sources at the university, the lecturer, Mr Hasina Anjaramandresy, who is known at the institution as Mr Anjara, got the shock of his life when he discovered his wife, only identified as Mrs Anjara, having a nice time with a student (name supplied) in their matrimonial bed.

Both Mr and Mrs Anjaramandresy are from Madagascar.

sex-300x201Mr Anjaramandresy lectures computers while his wife is a student studying Computer Management Information Systems, while the student alleged to have been found in bed with her is doing pre-university studies, a pre-requisite for all foreign students.

“The Angolan student is doing pre-university to study Theology; it seems they have been having this affair for quite some time to the extent that Mrs Anjara was comfortable to invite him to her bedroom.

“On the fateful day, about two weeks ago, Mr Anjara knocked off early from work that is when he discovered the two having s*x in their bedroom. This obviously did not go down well with him as he went on the rampage verbally attacking both his wife and the student. The commotion attracted a few individuals who came to quell the noise,” said a source, who is also a lecturer at the university.

However, knowing that if he reported the issue to the authorities his wife would be expelled, Mr Anjaramandresy is alleged to have begged those who witnessed the scene not to report the matter.

The couple is said to have three minor children together.

“Almost everyone is talking about that incident but surprisingly the authorities are not doing anything because I am sure by now they have heard something to warrant an investigation. Besides, in previous cases they do not hesitate to expel even if they don’t have much information; so their reluctance in dealing with this case raises a lot of questions,” said another source, a student at the university.

When the news crew visited the university last Wednesday, Mr Anjaramandresy became livid when questioned on the incident, claiming he was aware of the rumour and was in the process of suing those who were spreading it.

“I know about that rumour; actually someone told me about it a couple of weeks ago. It is just a rumour, there is no truth in it. I am actually in the process of suing the very people spreading those rumours as they are grossly affecting me and my family.

“Besides, who told you about it? I thought this matter was an internal Solusi matter and not for newspapers that is why I am suing because all this is being spread by people with a vendetta against me,” said the lecturer.

He, however, went scurrying for cover when he realised that one of the members of the news crew was taking pictures. Efforts to draw him to comment further were fruitless as he locked himself in his house refusing to come out, saying he had nothing else to say. He further refused this crew access to interview his wife.

Further efforts to locate the Angolan student were fruitless as the crew was barred by security personnel from entering the students residence.

When Sunday News contacted university authorities they also dimissed the allegations saying their internal investigations had found that these were mere allegations based on suspicion but there was no truth in them.

The university’s deputy vice-chancellor responsible for students’ affairs, Pastor Christopher Thebe said their internal investigations had come up with nothing with all three affected parties vehemently denying the allegations.

“We interviewed Mr and Mrs Hasina Anjaramandresy and the student involved and what we discovered is that these are mere rumours based on suspicion. What happened is that the Anjaramandresys held a function at their home for the Angolans, that is where this boy met Mrs Anjaramandresy before he was even a student.

“When he came to join the institution he naturally became close to her mainly because they were in the same boat, where he also had to learn English first so as to be able to attend lessons and he had to go through pre-university phase. They thus related better because she also went through the same process and besides both are foreigners. Our investigations further revealed that there was no touching, kissing or even hugging that took place between the two,” said Pastor Thebe.

He said as an institution they were disappointed that some of their colleagues could rush to the media to report the matter instead of using the institution’s known internal processes.

“Instead of rushing to the media they could at least assist us because we cannot allow such an immoral act go unnoticed. We cannot overlook evil. What they should realise is that because they are part of the institution we are therefore more of a family and must act as gatekeepers.

“Both Mr and Mrs Anjaramandresy are church members hence I believe if these people who are spreading these allegations felt there was something amiss they know the proper university and church processes to follow,” said Pastor Thebe.

However, when this crew later interviewed security personnel at the institution, one of them alleged that they were afraid to approach the university fearing victimisation.

“I was told by my colleague about that incident but I believe because this involves foreigners, I doubt there will be any action, as they pay more than locals. But if these were locals they could have been long expelled,” he said.

According to a declaration by the institution that is on their website, they have proven their commitment to excellence, learning and Christian values.

“Solusi University aspires to provide facilities; mentorship and training that cater to the student’s intellect, physique, social advancement, and above all, spiritual maturity. As a mission of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, our primary concern is the nurture and education of students for service to church and community,” reads part of the declaration.

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