Mahobho fired for refusing to guard boss during sex


A Bulawayo man was reportedly fired from work after he refused to be a sentinel, while his boss was having quality time with his girlfriend in the office.

Bizeck Nzou was allegedly fired from Springbrake Services Private Limited where he worked as an internal guard for 12 years.

He alleged that after being fired, his goods were removed from the company premises and that he was forced into the vehicle which collected them and was dumped in the bush along the Victoria Falls Road.

Nzou was allegedly fired by his boss Pelhams Shahida who had asked him to stand guard while he was reportedly having sex with his girlfriend sometime in 2011 at the company premises situated along Liverpool Road in Belmont in Bulawayo.

According to court documents filed under case number LC/MT/71/14, Nzou was employed at the company in March 2002 by Shahida and his duties involved maintaining cleanliness at the premises.

It is indicated that during his tenure, he was entitled to earn ZW$1,000 before the figure was increased to ZW$1,500.

court gavelAt the advent of the multi-currency system, Nzou started earning $100 which was later increased to $150, but was given money only to buy mealie-meal and kapenta and never received his wages, it is alleged.

In 2007, an alarm system was reportedly installed at the company’s premises, but Nzou would still look after the premises. In 2011, Nzou was asked by Shahida to guard him while he was having quality time with a woman he brought in his office and he refused.

It is indicated in the papers that he was told to leave by Shahida who accused him of being abusive.

Nzou later approached Shahida’s mother Solanki Shahida who told him that her son “was a man” and was justified to act in such a manner.

The matter was heard before an arbitrator identified as S Mutare who dismissed the case and indicated that there was no contract of employment between the two parties. “The appellant is not entitled to receive any wages from the respondent,” she ruled. “The claim is thereby dismissed.”

The matter is expected to appear in the Labour Court after Nzou appealed against the arbitrator’s ruling.

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