ZRP back with a bang as ZDF returns to barracks: Traffic police spell out their 11-point plan


The Zimbabwe Defence and Security Services have officially ended Operation Restore Legacy, which was launched on the 13th of last month.

Commander Zimbabwe National Army Lieutenant General Philip Valerio Sibanda said the controversial operation has achieved its purpose to apprehend criminals around the former President Mugabe and there is now change of guard in the country’s leadership.

Lieutenant General Sibanda, who was flanked by other members of the security services, also revealed that police is back to its normal law enforcement duties since normalcy has returned to the country. A new pledge signed by the police will see radical changes in the execution of their duties a far cry from the previous road menace they had become.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)

11 Point Plan

All members deployed on traffic enforcement duties to strictly observe and abide by the following Eleven (11) Promises.

1. We will not abuse our authority by engaging in corruption
2. We shall exhibit appropriate police customer care practices
3. We shall not withhold motorists driving licenses without written consent of the owner
4. We shall use discretion judiciously and be sensitive to motorists’ genuine plights
5. We shall collect no more or less than what is provided in the National Deposit Fines Schedule
6. We shall not detain motorists at roadblock sites unnecessarily
7. We shall not inconvenience law abiding motorists
8. We shall not cause congestion or accidents ourselves during the enforcements but facilitate smooth flow of traffic and pedestrians.
9. We shall all work towards building trust between the police and the general public
10. We shall always display our name tags so that the public know who they are dealing with.
11. We shall be transparent, accountable and respectful in all our dealings with our collective audience

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