I won’t forgive you for calling for sanctions on Zimbabweans: Biti, Chamisa told


Deputy finance minister Terence Mukupe has said MDC Alliance member Tendai Biti cannot be forgiven for selling out Zimbabwe by visiting the United States to talk ill of government.

“I can understand and forgive Peter Godwin for calling my President Mnangagwa names, I can forgive Senator Booker for being trigger happy and wanting to keep punishing the people of Zimbabwe with more punitive measures, but it’s unforgivable for Tendai Biti, who claims to have the suffering masses of Zimbabwe in his heart, to call for sanctions to remain till elections are held,” Mukupe said.

“What surprised me was that it was actually Peter “Mukiwa” Godwin who actually asked the U.S. Senate Committee to give us the benefit of the doubt by removing sanctions now and only restore them in 7 months time if we did not satisfy certain pre agreed conditions!!!”

He said it’s clear that Biti is just a self centered power hungry person who only cares about himself.

“Zimbabweans deserve a break, they have suffered for too long. Tomorrow I’m meeting white Zimbabwean farmers here in Zambia with a very simple message… Your country needs you, let’s press the refresh button and move forward to rebuild our nation and let’s leave cheap politicking to spent politicians like Biti, Ncube and Ngarivhume who clearly are not for nation building!!” he said.

Biti, Nelson Chamisa and Jacob Ngarivhume visited USA on a diplomatic mission which has sparked outrage from Zanu PF.

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