Mbare Chimurenga choir in hot soup with President Mnangagwa


Despite numerous calls from President Emmerson Mnangagwa that people should not bootlick him, fiercely pro-Zanu PF musical choir Mbare Chimurenga which came to fame through their butt-wriggling moves and praise songs has dropped two singles for him.

The group founder Elizabeth Bwanya told the Daily News the songs are specifically for the newly-inaugurated president Mnangagwa.

“Owing to resources, we have managed to release only two singles Candidate Yedu and Musangano Kumasero.

“The CD is titled President ED Mnangagwa 2018.”

Mnangagwa is on record restraining all bootlickers in his Zanu PF party to shun hero worshipping him but it seems his call is falling on deaf ears.

Mnangagwa told delegates to the just-ended Zanu PF congress that he did not want people to compose and sing songs praising him as they did his predecessor, former president Robert Mugabe.

“Do not sing songs about me, but sing revolutionary songs from the liberation struggle and our national anthem. I will be content and overjoyed,” Mnangagwa recently told his party members at the extra-ordinary congress in Harare.

Bwanya was not aware of the president’s call.

“We are not aware of president ED’s call. Ours are just songs to communicate special messages and boost morale,” she said.

Mbare Chimurenga is popular for songs such as Nyatsoteerera, Changamuka, Dairai Dairai, Muri Musoja, Makorokoto, Team, Sunga Jombo Tiende and Chibhakera Mudenga among others all crafted to glorify former president Robert Mugabe.

In a previous interview with the Daily News, Bwanya revealed that her group is not sponsored by Zanu PF party hence they scratch their heads each time they go into studio to record.

“Mbare Chimurenga mainly comprises of vegetable and hardware vendors operating in Mbare Musika hence every member of the group contributes about $15 each time we record music,” said the leader of the 48-member-group.

“Our contributions at times will not be enough to cater for recordings as on average our albums carry at least 10 tracks.

“In return, we only realise a few dollars which can only be enough to buy soap after selling our CDs.”

Bwanya’s group initially had 67 members before it was rocked by splits.

“Some of our members walked away from the group in pursuit of greener pastures, groups such as Mabvuku Chimurenga Choir, Zimbabwe Chimurenga and Yemurai among others all came from Mbare Chimurenga and I am happy that we are spreading wings across the country,” said the 55-year-old vendor.

Some of the group’s studio albums include Nyatsoteerera, Simukai Tiverengane and Gushungo Excellent. DailyNews

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