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Jacob Moyana: The Chipinge-born sungura artiste is one of a kind. Moyana broke into the limelight after releasing the song Kana Muchitidako (if you want us there) which some fans interpreted as vulgar. In other Shona dialects the phrase refers buttocks.

As if this is not enough, Moyana is promising to release another controversial album to be titled Tombomamira Madhiri Acho.

Ironically, Moyana was recently implicated in a theft case in Gweru. He was accused of buying stolen property at a club in the Midlands provincial capital.

Lady Squanda: Dancehall queen, Lady Squanda’s character thrives on controversy.

Last week, she assaulted fellow dancehall queen Lipsy with an empty beer bottle. When asked for a comment by local media, she admitted and promised to continue attacking Lipsy with the same weapon.

Last year, she almost killed her grandmother with shock after she faked her own death as a way of marketing her new album Rufu RwaSquanda.

After her “death” Squanda boasted that she was a real devil on her Whatsup status.

“Mi de devil himself,” she wrote.

Earlier in the year, she was embroiled in a dispute over mobile cell-phones she was asked to take back to Zimbabwe after a UK show.

It is alleged, after one of her UK shows, she was sent by Zimbabweans based there with smart mobile phones but instead of handing them over to their owners, she delayed and was reportedly rude.

Lady Squanda texted people who had sent her with the smart phones after her UK tour with Freeman and Jay C on the Danger Zone Love and Unity Tour, that: “muri matsaga, murikundiitira papazi (You are all stupid).”

In another text she tells one of them “une dzungu (You are crazy).”

Ever controversial, last week, she just disappeared from the stage while performing at Super Label Nite Club in the capital.

Bishop Ola Juru: Ola Juru, a man of cloth, a businessman and a musician has made headlines in the media for attacking gospel artistes as lazy buggers who depend on singing Bible verses.

He was involved in a property wrangle with other business people in the town of Chivhu where he runs some of his property businesses and at one point, he threatened some of them with a gun.

Juru has quit gospel music and last year released a sungura album featuring Alick Macheso. This year, he is set to release another album featuring controversial dancehall star SoulJah Love.

Beverly Sibanda: Sexy Angels leader Beverly Sibanda has always courted controversy in her life.

She broke into the limelight through her stage acts and erotic dances. At one point, she angered Delta Beverages after she allegedly inserted an empty beer bottle into her privates while on stage. Sibanda has been arrested several times together with her mentor Zoey Sifelani over their explicit dances.

The mother of one made newspaper headlines when she briefly repented and quit showbiz, join Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic and Healing Deliverance Ministries where she was blessed with a clothing shop in Harare.

She quit the church after she was harassed by one of Prophet Magaya’s bouncers and this led her to shut-down the boutique in protest.

Sibanda has also allegedly dated a number of celebrities such as musician Peter Moyo and soccer star Khama Billiat, among others.

Currently, Sibanda is involved in a contact-breaching case with Discovery Records. The Tapinda singer is set to record her second album with another studio despite allegations that she had signed a five-year-contract with Discovery Records which prevents her from working with other studios for the time being.

Tinopona Katsande:  Former ZiFM radio personality and Studio 263 actor, Tinopona Katsande, popularly known as Tin Tin, is another character associated with controversy on social media.

She first became news after receiving a bashing from her boyfriend, then posted pictures of her swollen face.

And like Pokello, she had her own sex tape with an unidentified man going viral on the Internet.

She apologised and engaged in charity work. She is assisting sick children through her initiative Celebrities Combined.

Maskiri: Rapper Alishias Musimbe aka Maskiri hogged the limelight when he released a controversial album Blue Movie.

The album carried songs with dirty lyrics. He has been involved in brawls with fellow artistes and early this year, he exchanged blows with Nasty Tricks.

All of a sudden he made a U-turn and become a man of sober habits. The 33-year-old musician got circumcised early this year so as to protect his future wife against cervical cancer.

He joined Prophet Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries where he released a song called Mbiri Kuna Jesu where he heaped praises on Prophet Magaya.

Hosiah Chipanga: Mutare-based sungura musician, Hosiah Chipanga is one artiste who is difficult to understand. His songs are like parables they need an intellectual to interpret them.

He has turned his church Mapipi into a political party. Those close to him thought he is mad but he refuted the claims in an interview with local media.

Pokello Nare: She became popular after her sex tape with musician Stunner leaked and went viral on the Internet.

Nare represented Zimbabwe at Big Brother Africa last year. Currently, she is enjoying a 'smooth' relationship with a Ghanaian boyfriend Elikem whom she met in the Big Brother Africa house.

WHILE Zimbabwean artists are well known for their artistic prowess, there are others who have become infamous for their controversial acts.

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