A city man who caught his wife last week Thursday booking at a city lodge for a quickie with his nephew, has decided to forgive her and to settle their differences as a family.

The man, Lucky Mushandi said he has kissed and made up with his wife Melody Murombedzi despite her adulterous intention of cheating on him with his nephew Tonderai Kufakunesu.

Lucky said his decision was mainly for the good of their two year old child.

“We are now solving our problems my brother, sometimes it’s good to compromise in marriage for progress’ sake.

“I have a two year old child with her and I want my son to have a normal family set up and I am hoping things will be alright.

“Divorcing is not easy especially where there is a child and to someone you love so that is what I will be doing.

“Melody is a good woman she has stood by me all these years and on this one she fell into temptation because we had problems that were between us, which I cannot disclose to you,” said Lucky.

He however, confessed that he is still nursing emotional wounds.

“I don’t think that my relationship with Tonderai will ever be what it used to be because I am still hurt by what he did to me.

“Even though my wife fell into the trap I still remember that she used to tell me that Tonderai was making moves on her but I just thought chiramu chedu chechivanhu chekuti ambuya mukadzi, so I never took it seriously.

“He is a womaniser, he has five wives and several other women with whom he fathered children: this is also not his first time making moves on a relative as he has done before and so it’s hard to rebuild your trust on such an individuals,” said Lucky.

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