How to make a sex tape


Oh my gosh, Thabiso Phiri is no longer Miss Zimbabwe? What Happened? Oh I hear she had nude pictures posted by some douchebag ex-lover person in her life? Haven't we heard this one before?

Anyway today I will give some advice to the young people before you go ahead and make a s*x tape.

Ladies, make sure that if you are going to make a s*x tape, usually it's your boyfriend's idea because he needs it for personal reasons later involving self-gratification with his one-armed bandit better known as 'five aside'. So if you are going to strip down for your man, make sure he strips down for you, but also make him wear your underwear, that way he will never think of ever releasing any pictures of you!

If you are going to nudes, please remember that Google never forgets. Stunner and Pokello released their s*x tape in 2011, but if you google it today you will find everything.

If you are going to release a set tape, make sure it's a very professional performance by you, because let's face it guys, you don't want to have a s*x tape leak and show off just how terrible you are in bed. I won't mention names coz you all know who I'm talking about.

If you are an artist or a businessperson, make sure you promote your business somehow, through the s*x tape. Stunner could have had a poster of his next show on the background and Pokello could have worn some of her shoes to generate some kind of income from the s*x tape. Unless one is a prostitute, then the s*x tape itself and maybe her contact details are all she needs to turn the s*x tape into an income generating project.

Nothing beats me more than a s*x tape or leaked photos of terrible underwear. Make sure you pop down to just lingerie or something to pick out some matching lingerie for your man.

Also get the best camera when producing your s*x tape. You will get super crisp resolution VS compression giving you the most awesome s*x tape out there.

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