LATEST: Chatunga’s brother impregnates and dumps SA student


HIS mother attracted global infamy when she resorted to the convenience of diplomatic immunity to evade the law after allegedly using an electric cable to beat up a South African model she found in a hotel with her younger playboy sons.

Now it has emerged that fallen first lady Grace Mugabe’s son by husband number one Stanley Goreraza has also been perpetrating his own notoriety across the Limpopo, allegedly knocking up a local student and then doing a runner.

Pregnant South African student Dineo Gwendoline, 22, this week told NewZimbabwe that she has been abandoned by Russell Goreraza.

Dineo is distraught because Russell does not want to hear from her and has apparently boasts that he is untouchable because he “doesn’t live in South Africa, isn’t a citizen and might never actually return.”

The whereabouts of the older of Grace Mugabe’s truant brood remains unclear after the family scattered in the wake of last month’s military coup which toppled her 93-year-old husband, ending a 37-year stranglehold on power.

Former President Robert Mugabe and wife were confined to their monstrous ‘Blue Roof’ Harare mansion during after the coup, subsequently leaving the country for favourite bolthole of Singapore where they were reportedly joined by their children.

Sharing her ordeal with NewZimbabwe, Gwendoline said she has tried without success to get Goreraza to assist her.

“I’m pregnant with Russell Goreraza’s child. He knew from the very first time I found out. He has changed towards me now,” she said Gwendoline.

“I asked for his help and he keeps giving me excuses till this day. He has told me that if I decide to keep the baby he’ll run off since his not a South African (SA) citizen; it isn’t going to affect him at all.”

The two allegedly hit it off in December 2016 and allegedly never bothered with protection whenever they indulged. Goreraza, 33, is a divorcee with a son.

“Ever since we’ve being seeing each other since late 2016 we’ve not used a cond_om, ever! Why then now does he get me pregnant and think it’s all on me.

“Instead of owning up to his responsibilities he is busy parading the world, sleeping, partying and paying different prost_itutes.”

With abortion being legal in SA, Gwendoline claims she had initially opted for that route provided Goreraza covers the cost. She later decided to keep the baby after the funds did not come through.

“I then ended up making a decision to keep the baby and he said he’d support me with whatever decision I come up with,” she said.

“Next thing he changes his mind about everything without even telling him, he starts ignoring me and stops responding to me; that’s when I made the decision to ask my parents to get involved.

“They tried to reach him but he also did not respond to them. That’s when we contacted an attorney to contact him to have DNA tests done. He has been leaving him messages and calling either he hangs up or doesn’t pick at all.”

Gwendoline said sharing her story with the media is driven more by “disgust” at Goreraza’s actions than merely mortifying him.

“Why do you decide to have se_x and can’t own up to your slip up. How do you find it acceptable to walk away from a woman carrying your child?

“I’m due in a few months’ time; I’m only 22 years old and still at school I can’t do this on my own. I’m having complications with my pregnancy due to stress already.”

She said is willing to have a DNA test to prove that Goreraza is the father of her baby.

“At least if the baby isn’t his, he can walk away guilt free. No one can make you feel bad about leaving a woman that got pregnant by another man.”

Meanwhile, in WhatsApp exchanges between the two seen by NewZimbabwe, Goreraza said,

“Please tell your legal advisor that the person I am claiming and threatening doesn’t live in South Africa and isn’t a citizen and might never actually return.

He added, “So whatever you decide to do will only and probably affect you and you alone. Feel free to keep proof of whatever it is…it’s good for you. At the end of the day we also have things we hear and know as proof.”

Asked about the reported purchase two pricey Rolls Royce vehicles while not bothering to send a few pennies towards maintaining the pregnancy, he said, “Nicely said; my bank account not yours.”

Last year, Goreraza’s mother beat up South African model Gabriella Engels, who was hanging out with her two sons, Robert Jnr and Chatunga.

South African authorities tried to have Grace arrested by the Harare government invoked diplomatic immunity to spare then President Mugabe the embarrassment of having his wife dragged before the courts for assault.

Grace has not been able to return to the country where she reportedly owns a real estate portfolio suspected to have been acquired using public funds. New Zimbabwe

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