Urinating in fridge rocks Zimbabwean parliament


TRIVIA debates that are currently being witnessed and heard in Parliament have turned the August house into some boring club house gathering.

While Zimbabwe has a world renowned intellectual capacity with a literacy rate of over 95 percent, the discussions coming out of Parliament do not measure our national intellectual capacity.

We are an intelligent people who expect to listen to constructive debates in Parliament about our social, political and economic life.

And voters are bound to ask; is this calibre of parliamentarians the ones that we voted into office?

Should we in future benchmark entry qualifications so that the legislators can be at the same level with everyone else, including the erudite Cabinet ministers?

In the Senate for instance, close to a year since they took oath of office, members are still debating President Robert Mugabe’s speech which he gave at the official opening of the eighth Parliament.

Imagine that the Senators have over the months been continually debating and singing praises of the president’s speech while they pay lip service to the difficult situation at Chingwizi transit camp were children are falling pregnant at an alarming rate due to the dire situation they find themselves in as they do not have enough to eat, wear or drink.

Over 400 children have dropped out of school at Chingwizi as they search for food, hence they indulge in sex in exchange for anything they may get.

Do legislators know that children at the transit camp are charging a $1 for sex while they still debate Mugabe’s speech?

More often than not, one is puzzled as Senators ask questions that have nothing to do with government policy with the ministers excitedly taking pleasure in making them look silly.

Imagine that the legislators spent the whole afternoon accusing each other of urinating in fridges during their youth days when they were still students.

On the fateful afternoon when the urine issue dominated debate, James Maridadi, the Mabvuku\Tafara MP had sought to pressure the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy to conduct an inquiry into the energy and power sector in Zimbabwe.

The motion was almost stifled by Kwekwe’s legislator Masango Matambanadzo who ignored the motion under debate, bitterly complaining that there were some MPs who were caricaturing him for his lack of education “yet they had a history of urinating in kitchen utensils when they were at tertiary colleges.”

But there have been some exceptions with examples of legislators like Buhera MP Joseph Chinotimba who has proved to be an oasis in the desert while being labelled to be “uneducated”.

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