Policeman runs amok, thoroughly bashes man in beehive dispute


Blows rained on a man from Woolendale Farm on the outskirts of Bulawayo after a police officer accused him of invading his beehive and taking honey without his permission.

The law enforcer, Elton Moyo, allegedly pummelled Bekithemba Moyo leaving him with a broken arm over who had rights to get honey from the beehive in dispute.

One of the villagers told B-Metro that the incident came as a shock to them as they never knew that people were entitled to beehives as no normal person had claimed ownership of nature.

“Sometime last week Moyo ran amok and assaulted Masuku and his friends over honey claiming that the bees were his and no one could take honey without his permission. Masuku failed to escape and his friends left him at the mercy of Moyo who used a log to assault him all over the body,” said the villager.

When B-Metro contacted Masuku, he revealed that Moyo was in the habit of assaulting villagers over petty issues.

“Moyo always harasses people but I was shocked when he attacked my friends and I over a beehive, claiming it belonged to him. He also accused us of invading another hive that belonged to him,” said Masuku.

“He and his three friends first used baton sticks but he later picked up a log which he used to assault me, leaving me with a broken hand. When I tried to get him arrested I was turned away. He later came to me and offered to pay my hospital bill for my silence. I gladly accepted his offer because of the present economic problems,” he continued.

Moyo, however, sang a different tune claiming he was not aware of such an incident.

“I never did such a thing, a man like me fighting for a beehive? At least give me a chance to verify these allegations before rushing to conclude,” said Moyo before hanging up the phone. – B-Metro

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