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A South African "innovative" prostitute from Vereeniging in Gauteng, says she offers the perfect deal for men who come too fast.

She uses her cellphone as a stopwatch! She uses it to work out how much to charge at a rate of R10 (US$1.10) a minute.

"Normally prostitutes charge R100 ($11) for a session in the CBD. Other prostitutes call me Time-Keeper but it works wonders for me."

The prostitute with a head for business said, "I used to charge the standard rates until I got a complaining client two months ago when a customer whose session lasted only two minutes felt it was unfair to pay R100 ."

She immediately thought of a new business plan after the client said he would never come back again.

"I told him that if he came back I would charge him R10 a minute. Since then he's been coming to me up to five times a day. His R100 gives him five sessions. He is a very happy client," said Time-Keeper.

"I keep R100 as a deposit and stop the clock immediately after. Then I give the client his change," she said.

Satisfied Time-Keeper said she takes home R500 ($55) on good nights. Another prostitute said it's a good idea but she would charge at least R20 a minute.

A 33-year-old man told the SunTeam: "I used to spend about R1000 for 10 visits a month but with Time-Keeper that gets me 60 sessions."

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