Prophet Magaya attacked


Prophet Magaya attacked The press has been awash with stories of Prophet Walter Magaya and his PHD Ministries in the past weeks. In the short time he has been in the ministry he has hogged the limelight at every twist and turn. It seems as if this man thrives on controversy or he creates the controversy and plays the victim.

Earlier in the year it was this man who said he would bring Prophet TB Joshua to Zimbabwe in May and this did not happen. He boasted again that Joshua was his spiritual father and the latter denied it.

Joshua could not even acknowledge that Magaya was a Prophet. We also heard that Magaya’s wife would be in Nigeria to be trained as a prophetess and alas all this came to naught.

Bev was converted by you Magaya and she is back to where she came from. That is not a problem because one can take a horse to the river but twenty cannot force it to drink.

After the fall out between you and Bev, sordid details of the relationship came out. It had been claimed by you and your church that the Holy spirit had led you to convert her but all along it was just a publicity gimmick on your part to lure congregants.

The boutique was the price you had to pay to keep her silence, but once a dancer, always a dancer.

When you distributed your anointing oil in one of your church services it was reported in the press that over 120 000 people received the oil. In the other report we hear that 28 000 bottles were distributed in the same service. Some days later the crowd had swelled to 180 000 people for the same service. 180 000 my foot!

Where in Zimbabwe can you cram such a huge number in such a small place? Certainly not at Zindoga. It does not need a rocket scientist to estimate the number of people who can fit in that small area.

As if not to be outdone, another PHD official now says on big Sundays they have crowds of over 80 000 and distribute around 40 000 bottles of oil. Can somebody tell me where they put the other extra 100 000 that came to that big Sunday. The National Sports Stadium, even with people sitting on the turf, cannot take more than 80 000 people.

Now an aggrieved husband has come out demanding $500 000 in damages stemming from an alleged adulterous relationship between him and his wife. Naturally the ‘Prophet’ denied the charges. In a statement issued by the church they said all the people who are booked at the lodges for the mandatory three days are not prayed for at the lodges by the Prophet but he sees them only at the church.

Why then book locals at the lodge only for them to see the prophet on Sunday. Is it a money-making venture that a person from Sunningdale has to sleep for three nights at a lodge so that the prophet can pray for him/her at church on Sundays only. Are you stage-managing these miracles or what Prophet or maybe the people would be coached over three days on how to behave come the Sunday service?

How do you cater for the guests who would have been booked from Tuesday to Thursday? When they check out on Thursday do they wait for the special Sunday service since the PHD house guest co-ordinator said the Prophet meets guests only on Sunday? Maybe the aggrieved husband has a valid claim because the explanations given about the lodges are not plausible.

Harare is awash with fliers claiming that Magaya is the only true man of God in Zimbabwe. In an interview he denied that the fliers emanated from him or his church. He stated that his church does not advertise its services. How ironic that there are full page adverts that are being flighted in the daily press by PHD Ministries. If that is not advertising Prophet Magaya, then maybe we need a new definition for the term. Coming from another person we could say he was misquoted but it is the Prophet himself who is denying that he does not advertise when he has been flighting adverts about their Yadah TV.

Its shocking really that they say one thing and in the next breath its denied. Maybe it’s a question of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. Or is it a deliberate ploy to confuse us? Only the Prophet knows. In one interview he is portrayed as a very humble person despite the fact that he pulls the largest congregation in Zimbabwe.

We hear that he moves around in a small Mazda Demio unlike the other flashy prophets and we are shown pictures of him getting into the Demio. He does not wear designer clothes unlike the other prophets. Humility was taken to new heights at Sharon Macheso’s wedding.

Imagine wearing loafers and a hood. Yes you are trying to potray an imagine of a down to earth man but this is too much. You don’t have to to go to extremes just to prove a point. Dressing for the occasion does not mean you are competing with anyone. It was a red and black affair with a mandatory black tie for the gents. Since you do not wear a tie, a shirt at least would have done the trick.

I applaud you and your handlers for your public relations exercises meant to dupe the gullible. Now on the PR team, you have recruited that lady. I thought you would have learnt your lesson after the Pambuka debacle.

Are these tactics coming from her or what? Those fliers confirm that you are in competition with the other men of God because all your actions point to that. What is the official position with regards to the anointing oil? You first buy a DVD for $5 and then you are given the bottle of oil or is it vice-versa? Tell us man of God. – written by Confused, Harare

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