I am prepared to fight you, Go to hell: Foul-mouthed Job Sikhala tells President Mugabe


Controversial MDC-T politician Job Sikhala says he will fight to block President Robert Mugabe's continued stay in power following resolutions by the Zanu PF Women's League to endorse the ageing leader for the 2018 elections.

He said Zimbabweans, if not careful would be ruled by Mugabe's corpse.

"Flora Buka reading their ZANU PF Women's League conference resolutions that they have resolved that Robert Mugabe is the ZANU PF candidate for 2018 Presidential Elections," said sikhala.

"If we don't become militant we will be ruled by Mugabe's corpse.  I declare at 95 Mugabe, you will never be my president and president of this country. I am prepared to fight you. I refuse. Go to hell!"

Sikhala also warned that Zanu PF deputy information director Psychology Maziwisa could be fired from the ruling party for criticising Mugabe.

"I feel pity for young people of my generation who have put their faith in ZANU PF after a period of clear articulation of the national. I carefully listened to the ZANU PF octogenarian's closing remarks during his Women's League congress," he said.

"In his ranting and raving against Didymus Mutasa's department of Administration, he said he is bitter and angry that those who used to criticize him are found employed at his party's Headquarters and that he needs a clear out after the congress.

"He specifically mentioned the information department. It was a clear reference to my young brother Psychology Maziwisa. Truly the young man used to author brilliant articles analysing Zimbabwe's state of affairs before he started singing for his supper. Now Mugabe, a whole president of a party is talking trivia about young boys who have been trying to help him" he added.

In June this year, the ever-foul-mouthed Sikhala made astounding revelations, alleging that he produced nine children in a single 10-year spell with his wife to race the effects of a 2003 State torture ordeal which targeted his reproductive organs.

The nightmare, so says the former St Mary's MP, rendered some of his colleagues he was tortured with, infertile. Sikhala, 42, his lawyer Gabriel Sumba and three others were arrested January 2003 for allegedly "training a Red Army" to topple President Mugabe.

While in custody, they went through torture ordeals which allegedly involved applying electric shock on their private parts. They were also accused of torching a Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) in Chitungwiza. At the time, Sikhala only had one child.

But the former student leader revealed in a wide ranging interview that he had to quickly churn out offspring as it became apparent to him he may soon lose his fertility, as did happen with fellow torture victims.

"I am a family man. I am married with my beautiful five daughters and my handsome five sons. And you know it was forced by (President) Mugabe's torture. After l was tortured, l went to South Africa and Denmark for treatment and some of my colleagues who were tortured with me are not even able to produce children by now on the basis of that torture," Sikhala said.

"So when l was able to do that, l said 'no, Mugabe will kill me without any children'. By the time l was tortured, l only had one kid in 2003 and you can see that in 10 years, l raised for myself to have kids before Mugabe kills me…" he said.

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