Two Bulawayo women fight over sex roster


SHARING is caring! The phrase had no meaning for two Bulawayo women who dragged each other to court with one of them claiming she was being victimised with threats of death by her husband's first wife allegedly over the control of their husband thereby denying her sex.

Sithabile Mlanzi from Pumula East claimed that Barbra Ndoro was threatening her with death accusing her of getting more of their unnamed husband's affection and attention.

She told the court that Ndoro from Old Magwegwe was also accusing her of generously enjoying their husband's financial privileges as well as making him spend more time at her place of residence. Sithabile registered her fears at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against Ndoro.

"I am the applicant in this matter and the second wife in a customary marriage together with the respondent The respondent is very troublesome and noisy. She is always threatening me with death and usually scolds me saying I am a prostitute.

"She encourages her children to insult me saying I am the one who is spending their father's money. She is also accusing me of forcing my husband to spend more days at my house yet he takes turns to have sex with us.

"She is threatening me with death saying I am the one who is also advising our husband to neglect her and the children. This is despite the fact that I get money from my vending stall.

"She is always saying I will die because I fell in love with a married man. I am tired of her threats and may this honourable court help me by granting a protection order" she said.

Responding to the threat claims, Ndoro said when her husband "married" Sithabile he did not tell her that he was now having a second wife.

"I am bitter because my husband did not tell me that the applicant was now his second wife. Ever since they started the relationship my husband was now verbally and physically abusing me for no apparent reason. The place she is vending is mine where my husband chases me away from to accommodate her," she said.

Nonetheless, magistrate Marylene Mtshina granted an order which compels both parties to keep peace with each other.

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