Mugabe’s nephew Zhuwao blasts Mnangagwa’s government, exposes army ‘secret deals’


FORMER Labour and Social Welfare Minister Patrick Zhuwao has made sensational claims the new Emmerson Mnangagwa administration has ransacked central bank coffers to reward army officers who engineered then President Robert Mugabe’s ouster November last year.

The now exiled Mugabe nephew made the claims in a Saturday media article in which he defiantly vowed resistance against the country’s new rulers, accussing them of reversing the will of the people.

Mugabe was forced out during a popular military takeover code-named Operation Restore Legacy which put a dramatic end to the soon to be 94 politician’s iron-fisted 37 year rule.

The once powerful state president endured nearly a week of military siege in November as pressure mounted on him to step down.

Other than the few tips given to the press through formal interviews by Roman Catholic cleric Father Fidelis Mukonori who was hired by Mugabe to negotiate his exit terms, there has been little detail placed in the public domain on how the coup was executed.

But Zhuwao poured out his frustrations at the weekend, claiming that the military has been allowed to plunder, over and above the rich rewards they were offered for successfully executing the coup.

“The military personnel that engaged in the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous Operation Restore Legacy were authorised to keep, as spoils of robbery and piracy, whatever money, gold and diamonds that they came across,” Zhuwao said without providing any evidence.

“There were no such spoils of robbery and piracy. What is in effect happening is that cash resources are being commandeered from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ostensibly for ‘operations’ but, in reality, to appease restless elements who did not get the expected but non-existent spoils of robbery and piracy.

“This is made worse by the fact that disbursements of these commandeered resources is being done on a kinsmanship basis…”

Zhuwao also warned that there was an emerging “strong resistance” against the country’s new rulers.

He termed the new opposition, #2018Resistance adding that it involved the collective support of Zanu PF followers disgruntled by Mugabe’s humiliation, opposition members and ordinary civilians.

“The coup conspirators and terrorist junta does not have the support of most of the Zanu PF members and the generality of the Zimbabwean population.

– New Zimbabwe

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