Akadhonzwa ma 'twins' kun'anga


A traditional healer has been jailed for an effective three years for making a female patient hold his 'charged anaconda' before ejac*lating in her hands.

Tavengwa Zuze appeared in court facing two counts of indecent assault which he had denied under the guise that he was possessed. he said he would be in a trance and under the control of the 'spirits' – sex-starved spirits supposedly.

The man reportedly made the woman strip twice, while bathing with milk in a river on the guise of cleansing her of evil spirits. He also pulled the woman's "twinj" (labia minora) during the process, the court heard.

Zuze was however convicted and slapped with four years in prison before one year was suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

State Counsel Wilson Matsika proved that on 12 July at around 3pm, the sangoma ordered the complainant to remove her clothes so that he would cleanse her of evil spirits at the Hunyani River in St Mary's, Chitungwiza.

He reportedly told the woman to follow each instruction he gave her for the process to be effective and the woman did just that, exactly as she was told.

The woman removed her own clothes until she became nude, with her pubic hair struggling to cover her 'honey jar'. The sangoma, whose 'black mamba' was ready to attack and 'vomit', then poured milk on the stark naked woman who had even removed her underwear in front of the male sangoma.

The woman was then ordered to wear her clothes before being taken to an nearby cave where she was again told to remove all her clothes and be like a newly-born baby. The woman, again saw nothing wrong with taking off all her clothes in front of a sex-starved traditional healer.

Zuze then fondled the woman's 'twinj' and told her to play with his 'sperm-spitting anaconda' before he ejac*lated in the woman's hands.

The woman later reported the matter to the police, leading to Zuze's arrest.

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