‘Let Mugabe run for 2018 elections as an independent candidate’


There is an argument that must be resolved by the people of Zimbabwe. There are certain people and I am one of them who believe that Robert Mugabe was the worst President and his treatment of opponents was worse than that of Adolf Hitler given the sea of difference between his time and that of Hitler.

The unleashing of Gukurahundi against civilians equates to the Rwanda genocide both in spirit and intention.

The truth behind Gukurahundi when revealed in the fullness of time will shock even his ardent supporters. There is another school of thought that suggests that Robert Mugabe was a Pan-African adored in Zimbabwe and a global icon. This school of thought found expression in the renaming of roads and airports in his name. I think history needs to record which school of thought was in line with the thinking of Zimbabweans.

In my view there is one way to find out the truth. I propose that Robert Gabriel Mugabe enters the 2018 Presidential elections as an Independent. His followers including the intelligent but erratic Professor claim that he was cheated and robbed of the Presidency.

These serious claims must be tested through the ballot box. He must be allowed to offer his candidature. Only the ballot will settle the question in a final and definitive way. Let Robert Gabriel Mugabe run for elections in 2018 as an Independent.

It will be such an interesting contest. He must be defeated or he must win and thereafter they can be no arguments on whether he was robbed or he was robbing. I therefore humbly submit that Robert Gabriel Mugabe must be a candidate in the 2018 elections so that the question of his legacy is settled.

 – S Dube

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