LATEST: VP Chiwenga EXPOSES Mugabe’s lies


Zimbabwe’s Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga has exposed lies by the former president Robert Mugabe, who for long claimed he played a crucial role in making sure that President Emmerson Mnangagwa joins the liberation struggle.

While addressing a controversial youth interface rally in Bindura Mugabe told Zanu PF supporters that he personally invited Mnangagwa to join Zanu, which later became the country’s ruling party after independence.

Speaking here in Gweru where Mnangagwa was meeting with traditional chiefs, Chiwenga let the cat out of the bag when he narrated how the current president joined the liberation struggle.

Chiwenga clarified that it was Mugabe who was invited by Mnangagwa in the then city of Gwelo to address the liberation nationalists because of his experience with Ghana’s political situation.

Mugabe had been a teacher in Ghana when nationalists resisted white supremacy and colonial rule.

Mugabe has been accused by several academics and historians of rewriting history to suit his tribal and or political agendas, by often downplaying the role of genuine freedom fighters while exaggerating his own contributions, or those of his pawns.

Opposition activists have often mocked that Mugabe never fired a gun in his life.

“Mugabe is not a military man, never was. The closest he came to becoming a military man was his safari suits he wore in the 80s.” wrote Whitlaw Mugwiji, a former student leader and renowned writer.

– Khuluma Afrika

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