Form 3 boarding student dies mysteriously (PHOTO)


Form 3 boarding student dies mysteriously Gracious Ngonidzashe Musiiwa (15), a form 3 boarding student at Victoria High School died mysteriously at home, a day after closing school.

She died at her parents' home in Rujeko in Masvingo on Friday last week while sleeping in her bedroom.

Ngonidzashe's father Aluis Musiiwa who is an auditor with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Schools confirmed the death of her daughter and said he was still in a state of shock.

The father came home at around 2pm on Friday and found her daughter sleeping on top of her bed and thought she was just resting. Forty minutes later, he sent a small girl to wake her up but she didn't. Getting worried the father checked on Ngoni about an hour later but realised that she was not responding as he was trying to wake her up.

He called the mother and they immediately took Ngoni to hospital and they were shocked when she was pronounced dead.

Ngoni was once a boarder at Dewure High School in Gutu where she was transferred from two years ago after she woke up one morning to find a patch of her hair have been shaved off mysteriously. Since then she complained of headaches.

"I removed my daughter from Dewure after an incident which shocked me; she had been shaved mysteriously. From then onwards she started complaining of a continuous headaches," said Musiiwa.

Vic High head John Muzamani confirmed the death but also declined to comment further. Ngoni was buried at Mangwandi Cemetery last Sunday

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